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Egypt journalist summoned to court for Al Jazeera phone-call

22 May, 2018

An Egyptian journalist has been summoned to court, accused of spreading 'fake news' and insulting the country's leader after she spoke to Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera.

Top Paris restaurant investigated over 'anti-Arab discrimination'

18 May, 2018

A Parisian restaurant known for its five-star clientele is being investigated after a newspaper article interviewed staff saying management run anti-Arab discriminatory policy on reservations.

Trump lawyer 'demanded $1 million from Qatar for insights'

17 May, 2018

Trump's long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen asked Qatar for $1 million for personal insights into the president's plans, according to a media report.

Trump wants end to Gulf crisis 'which benefits Iran'

16 May, 2018

US President Donald Trump wants the 11-month dispute between Qatar and its neighbours to end because it "benefits Iran".

US, Gulf states slap terror sanctions on Hizballah leader

16 May, 2018

The United States and Gulf states have imposed terror sanctions on Lebanon's Hizballah, including on the group's leader Hassan Nasrallah and other top officials.

UN Human Rights Council to meet over Gaza killings

15 May, 2018

A special session will be held on Friday to discuss the "deteriorating human rights situation" in Palestinian territories.

Gaza massacre: Where Arab countries stand

15 May, 2018

Arab states condemned Monday's Gaza massacre, but some choose not to comment on the controversial opening of the US embassy in the contested city of Jerusalem.

Qatar condemns 'brutal massacre' of Palestine protesters

15 May, 2018

Qatar has strongly condemned the 'brutal massacre' of at least 59 Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces in the bloodiest day since a 2014 war.

Saudi Arabia slams Israeli fire, silent on Jerusalem

15 May, 2018

Saudi Arabia has condemned the violence against Gaza protesters but remains quiet on Trump's embassy move.

Saudi Arabia 'arrests second Qatari citizen in a month'

14 May, 2018

Saudi authorities have allegedly arrested a Qatari citizen from Kuwait - the second such detention in less than a month.

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