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Bad day for Saudi diplomacy: Lebanese reversal, Syria summit

22 November, 2017

Saudi diplomacy is not having a good day and the kingdom’s bullish 32-year-old crown prince is seen as the driving force behind the foreign policy blunders.

Egypt arrests 29 for 'espionage for Turkey'

22 November, 2017

Twenty-nine people have been arrested in Egypt and charged with plotting to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Is Riyadh boycotting Kathem al-Saher for his Qatari nationality?

22 November, 2017

Rumours surrounding the fate of Kathem al-Saher's career in Saudi Arabia have been squashed this week, after a source confirmed the cancellation of his concerts.

Syrians look to limit Russian influence in opposition talks

22 November, 2017

Syrian activists are calling on the opposition to isolate a pro-Moscow group from negotiations, as Russia looks for 'victor's peace' with Assad's survival.

Anti-Doha alliance 'planned Qatar invasion' in 2014

20 November, 2017

An anti-Doha Gulf alliance deployed troops along Qatar's border in 2014 in preparation for a military invasion of the Gulf state, a senior Qatari official has claimed.

Arab League: Egypt 'blocked' Saudi bid to expel Lebanon

20 November, 2017

A Saudi bid to suspend Lebanon's membership in the Arab League during Sunday's emergency meeting in Cairo was blocked by Egypt, according to diplomatic sources.

Saudi anti-terror coalition to hold first meeting in Riyadh

19 November, 2017

Defence ministers from members of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) are due to meet for the first time in Riyadh next week, amid rising regional tension.

Syria's revolution: Between negotiations and being a bargaining chip

18 November, 2017

Syria's revolution has been hijacked by world powers. It has undermined the standing of the opposition but not the will of the people, writes Syrian National Coaltion President Khaled Khoja.

Qatar sets $200 minimum wage for migrant workers

16 November, 2017

World Cup 2022 host Qatar has come under heavy criticism for its treatment of foreign workers. In its latest labour overhaul, authorities have set a minimum wage of $200.

Erdogan pledges military support for Qatar on Doha visit

15 November, 2017

Turkey's President Erdogan pledged continued military support for blockade-hit Qatar following a visit to Doha on Wednesday.

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