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The UAE has it in for the Muslim Brotherhood

23 February, 2017

The long read: UAE foreign policy has been actively fighting political Islam in all its forms, pitting the Emirates directly against Qatar and Saudi Arabia, writes Marc Cher-Leparrain.

Jordan, Egypt back two-state solution for Israel-Palestine conflict

22 February, 2017

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and King Abdullah II of Jordan have said there can be no concessions on establishing a Palestinian state.

Trump demands Gulf states pay for Syria 'safe zones'

21 February, 2017

US President Donald Trump has pledged to make Gulf countries pay for a Syrian "safe zone", which would keep refugees inside the war-torn country.

Middle East countries ranked among world's biggest arms buyers

21 February, 2017

Arab governments have been listed among the biggest arms purchasers during 2012-2016, according to a new study by the Stockholm Institutional Peace Research Institute.

Saudi Arabia and Israel 'working together against Iran': Tehran

20 February, 2017

Tehran accused Saudi Arabia and Israel of coordinating actions to damage the Islamic Republic, in the latest tit-for-tat between the rival nations.

Israel 'rejected' secret peace deal with Arab states

19 February, 2017

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly turned down an offer from former US Secretary of State John Kerry to make peace with Arab states in return for some concessions to Palestinians.

Ex-Manchester United star Dwight Yorke denied entry to US

18 February, 2017

The former Manchester United ace was barred from passing through the US on his way to Trinidad from Qatar, as debate continues on strict American visa rules.

Can the sound of music drown Kurdish sorrows?

17 February, 2017

Blog: Against the backdrop of political uncertainty and economic stagnation, Kurd Idol offers an upbeat diversion for war-weary Kurds.

Qatar tackles obesity epidemic with hefty 'junk food tax'

16 February, 2017

Qatari authorities have approved a draft law that could see junk food taxed in the tiny Gulf state, which has one of the world's fattest populations.

Turkish minister defends Syria 'safe zones' plan

15 February, 2017

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has again defended Ankara's calls for safe zones in Syria, designed to encourage refugees to return to their homes in the north of the country.

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