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Somalia praises Turkey for response to deadly bombing

19 October, 2017

Somalia has praised Turkey for its response to the deadliest bombing in the country's history as officials and civilians question why more international states have not offered to help.

'Child killers': Kuwaiti official expels lsraeli delegation from conference

19 October, 2017

A Kuwaiti official attending an international conference in Russia was widely praised on Wednesday after criticising Israel and kicking out its representative from the hall.

Somalia vows war on Shabaab militants after devastating attack

18 October, 2017

Somalia's president vowed to crack down on al-Shabaab militants on Wednesday, after mass protests erupted following the deadly October 14 attack which killed more than 300 people.

A Fatah-Hamas agreement in the shadow of Egypt

18 October, 2017

Comment: The latest agreement between Fatah and Hamas might have a better chance of uniting Palestinians through compromise, but significant obstacles remain ahead, write Leila Seurat and Mohamed Younis.

Qatar ruler urges end to blocakde, calls for talks

18 October, 2017

Qatar’s emir has urged neighbouring states to lift an “unfair” 4-month-old blockade and said he’s ready to open talks to end the diplomatic crisis.

Qatar Emir sends aid plane to Somalia after bombing

18 October, 2017

Qatar's emir has sent a plane carrying medical aid and doctors to Somalia to help the country cope with the crushing aftermath of its worst ever bombing.

Qatar: Saudi Arabia is 'promoting regime change'

18 October, 2017

Qatari foreign minister accuses Saudi Arabia of 'bringing back the dark ages' through its dispute with Qatar.

Anti-Qatar states try getting Kuwait on-side over FIFA ban

18 October, 2017

Gulf states currently blockading Qatar have tried to woo Kuwait by promising to boycott a football tournament in Doha unless a FIFA ban on Kuwait is lifted.

Bahrain hits military mart looking at US, Russia hardware

17 October, 2017

Bahrain has joined other Gulf states its ramping up its military spending, as it looks to buy arms from rival arms manufacturers, the US and Russia.

Threat to Qatari banks' liquidity fading: Fitch

17 October, 2017

The threat to Qatari banks' funding and liquidity, triggered by withdrawals of foreign deposits amid a Saudi-led boycott of Doha, appears to be fading, Fitch Ratings said on Tuesday.

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