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Qatar Airways won't cut flights to US despite slump

24 April, 2017

The CEO of one of the Middle East’s largest carriers said Monday passenger numbers to the United States have dipped slightly over fears by some Muslim passengers

Guterres: Syria forced evacuations 'may be a war crime'

24 April, 2017

UN chief warns parties involved in evacuating civilians that forced displacement is only permissible for guaranteeing safety or 'for imperative military necessity'.

Qataris kidnapped in Iraq speak of joy at release

24 April, 2017

Two Qatari hunters who endured a 16-month hostage ordeal in Iraq spoke on Sunday of their joy at being released, in the first public comments since the group were freed.

Sisi in Riyadh to patch-up Saudi-Egypt rift

23 April, 2017

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is meeting with Saudi King Salman in Riyadh in bid to mend broken ties, according to sources.

US defence chief holds security talks with Qatar

22 April, 2017

Jim Mattis meets Qatar's emir and defence chief as part of a tour aimed at rekindling relations after testing times under the Obama administration.

Kidnapped Qataris released in Iraq after 16 month ordeal

21 April, 2017

A complicated deal including Qatari hunters, millions of dollars, and civilians in besieged towns in Syria has ended with the release of the Gulf hostages from their Iraqi militia captors.

Emirates says it won’t withdraw from US despite cutback

20 April, 2017

Emirates remains committed to the US market despite plans to slash 20 percent of its flights in the wake of tougher security and visa measures put in place under Trump

US defence chief withholds Yemen promises in Riyadh rekindling

20 April, 2017

US defence chief Jim Mattis seeks to rekindle relations with Riyadh, despite offering no guarantees of greater support in the Yemen war.

Saudi Arabia retracts '40,000 Egyptian troops in Yemen' comment

19 April, 2017

A Saudi general has stepped back from previous comments he made claiming that Egypt had offered to send up to 40,000 ground troops to Yemen to fight Houthi rebels.

Syrian forced evacuations resume following Rashideen massacre

19 April, 2017

Hundreds of civilians left their homes in Syrian towns on Wednesday, as part of a series of deals between the regime and rebels to abandon besieged enclaves.

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