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Minorities in north Iraq rebuild their lives after IS

16 January, 2018

Places of worship, such as those of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities, were targeted by IS, and many fled their homes during the three years of the group's occupation.

US envoy calls for emergency UN session on Iran

02 January, 2018

US ambassador Nikki Haley has called on the international community to speak out on the unfolding protests in Iran, saying Washington would seek emergency UN talks on the situation.

Iran's supreme leader Khamenei blames 'enemies' for mass protests

02 January, 2018

In a speech carried on state television Ayatollah Ali Khamenei broke his silence on the protests for the first time since they erupted last Thursday.

Nine killed in Iran unrest as hundreds detained

02 January, 2018

Some 450 people have been arrested in the Iranian capital over the past three days, officials said, during unrest linked to protests.

Bahrain urges citizens against travel to Iran

01 January, 2018

Bahrain warned its citizens not to travel to Iran "under any circumstances" as the Islamic Republic continued to crackdown on nationwide protests.

Policeman killed amid crackdown on Iran protests

01 January, 2018

Fresh protests broke out as night fell in Iran on Monday, with reports of a policeman shot dead, as authorities moved to crack down on days of nationwide unrest.

Egypt kill three suspected militants during shootout

31 December, 2017

Egyptian security forces arrested ten and killed three suspected militants in a gunfire exchange close to Cairo.

Oman policeman stabbed to death at Muscat mall

30 December, 2017

A policeman has been stabbed to death in an Oman mall, in a rare murder incident that has shook the sultanate.

Gunman kills 10 in attack on Egypt church

29 December, 2017

At least 10 people, including eight Coptic Christians, have been killed in a shootout outside a south Cairo church.

Turkey 'arrests exhibition organiser' over Russian envoy killing

29 December, 2017

The organiser of a photo exhibition where a Russian ambassador was shot in Turkey has been arrested.

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