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Israeli guard receives minor sentence for killing Palestinian teenager

25 April, 2018

Nadim Nuwarah, 17, was killed on 15 May, 2014 during protests near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank to mark the anniversary of the Nakba, or "catastrophe", of 1948.

France gunman 'summoned by anti-terror police before attack'

28 March, 2018

French authorities are facing criticism for not having prevented last week's IS-inspired terror attack that killed four people, despite the attacker being previously being placed on a terror watchlist

Western allies rally around UK on Russia issue

26 March, 2018

Dozens of Russian diplomats are being expelled from the US, Canada and EU as UK allies rally around London following the nerve gas attack on a dissident in England.

France honours victims of IS-inspired supermarket attack

26 March, 2018

France honours those killed in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

Egypt's Alexandria bombing an 'assassination attempt'

24 March, 2018

Saturday's bomb blast in Alexandria is being labelled as an 'assassination attempt' of the city's security chief, as authorities call for an intensification on Egypt's ongoing pre-election security.

Policeman dead in pre-election bombing in Egypt's Alexandria

24 March, 2018

At least one person has been killed and several more injured as a car bomb exploded in Alexandria, near the convoy of the city's security chief on Saturday.

French policeman 'who swapped self for hostage' shot dead

24 March, 2018

A policeman, hailed as a 'hero,' has become the fourth victim of an IS-linked supermarket hostage-taking attack in southern France after being shot dead during a police siege.

Gunman in French hostage-taking killed by police

23 March, 2018

French security officials have identified the Trebes hostage-taking suspect as a Moroccan man who had been flagged as a potential extremist.

Two dead in suspected IS hostage-taking in France

23 March, 2018

A security source said the two were killed in the attack at a Super U store in the town of Trebes on Friday.

Video showing Iran policeman shoving headscarf protester sparks outrage

23 February, 2018

A video showing a woman protesting the mandatory headscarf being met with a heavy-handed response by police has caused a social media storm.

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