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Gaza industries paralysed by relentless Israeli siege

22 February, 2018

In-depth: Productivity in Gaza has plummeted since 2007, and shows no sign of picking up as it remains strangled by the Israeli blockade and ongoing Palestinian politicking, reports Rami Almeghari.

Palestine solidarity: Will Ramaphosa downgrade Tel Aviv embassy?

22 February, 2018

Comment: The time has come for Ramaphosa to enact ANC policy, and downgrade the status of South Africa's embassy in Israel, writes Janet Smith.

Abbas to counter Trump's Jerusalem decision at UN

20 February, 2018

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is taking Palestine's opposition to Trump's Jerusalem decision to the UN.

UNRWA chief: Trump's aid cuts 'time bomb' for Gaza

18 February, 2018

The head of the UN body voiced his concern for Gaza's future amid the ongoing US-led cuts to UNRWA aid.

Israel bombs Gaza after border blast wounds soldiers

17 February, 2018

Cross-border fire continues between Israel and Gaza as tensions remain high following Trump's Jerusalem decision, with the most serious exchange yet leaving six injured on Saturday.

Oman's foreign minister visits Jerusalem holy site Aqsa

15 February, 2018

In a rare visit to Jerusalem's holy site, Oman's foreign minister encouraged all Arabs to visit the mosque, describing it as an "obligation".

Fuel shortage forces Gaza's only power plant to shut

15 February, 2018

Gaza, caught between party politics and an Israeli siege, finds itself without the Strip's only power plant due to fuel shortages.

Enough oppression: Gaza truckers warn of repeated strikes

15 February, 2018

In-depth: Frustrated by fuel prices, licence fees and the Israeli blockade, Gaza's truckers are refusing to transport goods until their demands are met, report Ali Abusheikh and Pam Bailey.

54 Palestinians died awaiting medical exit permits in 2017

14 February, 2018

Human rights organisations have criticised Israeli restrictions as new figures show 54 Palestinians died in 2017 while awaiting exit permits to leave the Gaza strip for medical treatment.

Palestinians held without trial to boycott Israeli courts: official

13 February, 2018

Israel currently holds around 500 Palestinians under its administrative detention policy, which allows imprisonment without trial for six-month periods, renewable indefinitely.

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