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Fears of blackout after Palestinian Authority cuts Gaza's electricity

27 April, 2017

The Fatah-led Palestinian Authority says it will no longer pay Israel for electricity it supplies to the Gaza Strip, raising fears of a complete power shutdown in the besieged territory.

Gaza plunging deeper into a humanitarian crisis

27 April, 2017

Foreign aid alone is not enough to rescue Gaza from its deepening humanitarian crisis, the World Bank said in a new report on Thursday.

Woman appointed Sharia judge in Israel for first time

26 April, 2017

Israeli lawmakers have proclaimed the move as historic. But is it more of a PR stunt?

Israeli report claims Abbas will give Hamas ultimatum

25 April, 2017

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will ask Hamas to hand Gaza over to the PA or face funding cuts to the besieged enclave, Israeli analyst Avi Issacharoff has claimed.

Palestinian 'stabs and wounds four people in Tel Aviv'

23 April, 2017

A Palestinian stabbed and lightly wounded four people in Tel Aviv before being arrested Sunday

3G phone service set for great reception among Palestinians

21 April, 2017

Analysis: After years of delays, Palestinians will finally be able to enjoy use of 3G equipment that has been laying in Israeli warehouses for years, writes Daoud Kuttab.

Gaza's forgotten misery: Trapped between Israel and Egypt

20 April, 2017

As problems overwhelm Gaza, the closure of the Rafah crossing is overlooked writes Arafat

Trump to host Abbas for Middle East peace talks

19 April, 2017

US President Donald Trump will host Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, as the president looks to revive the Middle East peace effort.

Gaza's sole power plant runs out of fuel

16 April, 2017

The Gaza Strip's only functioning power plant was out of action Sunday after running out of fuel, the head of the territory's electricity provider told AFP.

Gaza plunges into darkness as power crisis continues

15 April, 2017

Hamas, who control Gaza, and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, have for years blamed each other for an electricity crisis in the besieged coastal enclave.

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