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Majority of Palestinians want Abbas to resign, poll finds

23 September, 2017

A majority of Palestinians want President Mahmoud Abbas to resign while over half of the Palestinian public fear publicly criticising the Palestinian Authority, a new poll has found.

Twenty-four years on, the Oslo peace accords are nowhere

21 September, 2017

Comment: The signing of the Oslo accords in 1993 seemed to mark an historic moment in the Arab-Israeli peace process. But twenty-four years on, little has changed, writes Rami Almeghari.

Sisi urges Palestinians under occupation to 'coexist' with Israelis

20 September, 2017

Speaking a day after his first public meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Sisi urged Palestinians to be "ready to co-exist" with Israelis in his UN speech.

Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority to end Gaza sanctions

19 September, 2017

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh has called on the rival Palestinian Authority to end its sanctions on Gaza after the Islamist movement made concessions to Ramallah.

Palestinian prime minister to make rare visit to Gaza

18 September, 2017

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will visit Gaza, to speak with Hamas officials about reconciliation talks.

Hamas bows to pressure and pardons cancer stricken journalist

17 September, 2017

Abu Samra's was in Jordan for medical treatment for cancer, when she was charged in absentia by Hamas. Today, the Gaza-based movement bowed to pressure and pardoned Abu Samra.

Hamas meets Palestinian Authority's demands and dissolves Gaza authority

17 September, 2017

The Gaza based authority has ultimately accepted a key of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, whose presidency expired in 2009, to end a divisions between Fatah and Hamas.

In debut at UN, Trump to offer assurances, warnings

16 September, 2017

President Donald Trump will use his debut speech to the U.N. General Assembly next week to offer warmth to the United States’ allies and warnings to its adversaries.

Trump administration endorses bill suspending aid to Palestinian Authority

15 September, 2017

The Trump administration on Thursday declared its support for a bill that would suspend financial aid to the PA until it ends social payments to the families of Palestinian militants.

UN slams Israel for Palestine's 'de-development'

13 September, 2017

Fifty years after Israel began its occupation, development remains stagnant and unemployment persists for Palestinians.

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