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Crowds celebrate return of dead Palestinian to hometown

28 July, 2017

Hundreds of Palestinians lined the streets of Hizma, chanting slogans and waving flags, as Mohammed Fethi Kanaan's body was transported there from Ramallah on Friday morning.

Concerns as renowned former Palestinian security chief meets Hamas

27 July, 2017

The burgeoning alliance between Hamas and Mohammed Dahlan is seen as a potential blow to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Thousands fill streets for funeral of al-Aqsa mosque gunmen

27 July, 2017

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of three men killed after shooting dead two Israeli police officers outside al-Aqsa, ultimately leading to a Palestinian boycott of the mosque.

Palestinians celebrate as Israel removes Aqsa security measures

27 July, 2017

Israel removed security installations from the entrances around the al-Aqsa mosque compound late Wednesday, leading to celebrations among Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Israel to demolish family home of alleged Palestinian attacker

23 July, 2017

Israel vowed to demolish the home of Palestinian Omar Alabed after a raid in the occupied West Bank. It comes amid rising tensions over restrictions at the al-Aqsa mosque.

Erdogan slams Israel's 'excessive' use of force in Jerusalem

22 July, 2017

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed Israel's excessive use of force in Jerusalem on Saturday, in comments made as chairman of the summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Palestinian Authority ceases communication with Israel

22 July, 2017

The president of Palestine said the PA would stop all cooperation with Israel until it ceded ground on the issue of metal detectors at al-Aqsa compound entrances.

One month after Grenfell: A catalogue of Conservative failures

14 July, 2017

Comment: Despite the community response and the millions donated in charity, North Kensington is still hostage to Tory policies, writes Tom Charles.

Gaza's power crisis worsens as diesel supplies run dry

13 July, 2017

A spokesperson for Gaza's power authority said Egypt had not provided any electricity in a week - with the board running at roughly a seventh of full capacity.

US Middle East envoy announces Palestine-Israel water deal

13 July, 2017

Palestinians in the occupied territories continue to endure water shortages due to unequal distributions of water resources, caused by illegal Israeli settlements

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