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The UN and EU must do more for Jerusalem

11 December, 2017

Comment: The lacklustre international response to President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem imperils international law and the institutions that exist to uphold it, writes Sonia Boulos.

Trump: Saudi Arabia must lift blockade on Yemen

07 December, 2017

President Trump called for Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade on Yemen immediately suggesting Washington had run out patience

Call to end 'abysmal conditions' for refugees in Greece

23 October, 2017

A group of humanitarian organisations sent an open letter to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsiparis, demanding the government revokes its policy of trapping asylum seekers to the Aegean islands.

Migrants face more danger after disputed Italy-Libya deal

20 September, 2017

In-depth: By reinforcing Europe's fortress policy, Italy is further endangering the lives of vulnerable migrants rather than solving the crisis, reports Alessandra Bajec.

Oxfam protests Trump's refugee policy outside his childhood home

18 September, 2017

Oxfam invited refugees who have settled in the US to Donald Trump's childhood home in New York, in a bid to have the country recognise the contribution immigrants have made.

Trolling Saudi minister threatens war with Qatar

15 September, 2017

Blog: Saud al-Qahtani has adopted the Donald Trump model, tweeting thinly veiled threats of war.

Charities slam UK government for 'trapping' refugees in Mediterranean

24 August, 2017

UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson's pledged to assist Libya blocking migrants attempting to reach Europe, but the move has angered human rights groups.

Refugees trapped in Libya tortured, raped and murdered: Oxfam

09 August, 2017

The fate of Europe-bound refugees trapped in Libya has been detailed in a shocking report by Oxfam, revealing the brutal torture, sexual violence and enslavement they suffer.

South Sudan starves as aid agencies fail to deliver

25 July, 2017

Only 30% of the annual target has been reached so far, more than half-way through the year, a UN official in Khartoum has warned.

US Occupy activist killed fighting IS in Raqqa

13 July, 2017

Two Americans were killed in consecutive days in Syria's Raqqa while fighting with Kurdish militias engaged in a battle with IS.

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