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Explainer: Life in Gaza under Israel's blockade

11 April, 2018

Gaza is one of the most densely populated territories on the planet, with two million Palestinians crammed into just 362 square kilometres – and unable to leave

Don't sell warships to Saudi military, charities urge Spain

11 April, 2018

The "Arms Under Control" collective called on Spain to halt its planned military deals with Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, during Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman's official visit to Madrid.

Syrian refugees 'forced to exchange sex for aid'

27 February, 2018

'The more she gives to the distributor, the more aid she will receive': Syrian girls as young as 13 face widespread sexual exploitation from humanitarian workers, a new report shows.

Report: Human rights languish in India

23 February, 2018

Analysis: Modi has drummed up nationalist fervour to divert attention from deteriorating human rights in the country, according to a new Human Rights Council report.

Australia's warmongers must come clean on weapons exports

02 February, 2018

Comment: The Australian government is exporting death and doom to the Middle East while keeping its citizens in the dark about the nature of its dirty business, writes CJ Werleman.

UK law needs a new definition of 'family'

01 February, 2018

Comment: If refugees are to 'integrate', they must be allowed to reunite with their families, writes Sophia Akram.

Yemen rebels 'ban aid agencies' as airstrikes kill civilians

24 January, 2018

The UN say that rebels have banned over 35 aid agencies carrying out critical health work in the besieged country, as more civilians are reported killed after airstrikes in Saada

Palestinians launching major online activism event amid Israeli crackdown

19 December, 2017

7amleh, the Arab Central for the Advancement of Social Media, will host its second international forum in the West Bank next month, aimed at safeguarding the rights of online activists.

The UN and EU must do more for Jerusalem

11 December, 2017

Comment: The lacklustre international response to President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem imperils international law and the institutions that exist to uphold it, writes Sonia Boulos.

Trump: Saudi Arabia must lift blockade on Yemen

07 December, 2017

President Trump called for Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade on Yemen immediately suggesting Washington had run out patience

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