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EU-Turkey deal 'playing roulette' with futures of vulnerable refugees

17 March, 2017

The International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Oxfam have warned that the deal is causing human suffering and should under no circumstances be replicated with other countries.

UK urged to help more refugees using family networks

28 February, 2017

Refugee and rights agencies are urging the UK government to change the rules around reuniting refugee families as a way of offering a safe haven to more vulnerable people.

750,000 stuck in western Mosul as battle looms

14 February, 2017

Aid groups are anticipating further civilian casualties as military forces gear up to force IS from western Mosul.

Yemen: Going to a warzone is no 'adventure'

18 January, 2017

AbdelHalim AbdAllah blogs about travelling to MSF's projects in Yemen, where he saw first-hand some of the brutal realities of civil war.

Yemen war claims lives of 1,400 children

11 January, 2017

Nearly 1,400 children have been killed, hundreds more injured and many schools closed by the war in Yemen, the UN children's fund said on Wednesday.

Yemen's children starve as war drags on

02 January, 2017

Less than a third of Yemen's 24 million people have access to health facilities which means thousands of Yemeni children are dying every week from preventable diseases.

Japan backtracks on discouraging pregnant Syrians from seeking asylum

21 December, 2016

Japan's plans to accept 150 Syrian refugees over five years comes under fire for discouraging pregnant women from applying.

Yemeni children dying as healthcare system nears collapse

21 December, 2016

Organisations are warning that aid and food supplies are dwindling, causing thousands of deaths that should have been prevented by proper healthcare facilities.

US calls on Yemen to accept UN peace roadmap

08 December, 2016

The United States urged Yemen to accept a United Nations drafted roadmap to end the country's war Wednesday, after the internationally recognised government of Yemen appeared to reject the proposal.

Yemenis 'months away from starving to death', says Oxfam

06 December, 2016

Aid group Oxfam has warned that Yemenis are on the brink of mass starvation with food stocks set to run out by April under punishing import restrictions.

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