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Turkey sends fresh 'blockade busting' ship to Qatar

16 August, 2017

Turkey is set to send another cargo ship filled with food supplies to Qatar to help break an economic blockade imposed on the Gulf state by its neighbours.

'Lot of time' needed to rebuild GCC trust: Qatar

15 August, 2017

Qatar's foreign minister said it will take a 'lot of time' to rebuild any trust between sparring Gulf countries as the regional diplomatic crisis lumbers on.

Omani editor spends one year in jail following article

10 August, 2017

An Omani editor has been in jail for one year, after articles were published criticising the country's judiciary.

Stoking war with Iran courts disaster

09 August, 2017

Comment: Trump administration advocates for regime change in Iran seem oblivious to the post-Saddam storm that continues to rage in the Gulf, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Qatar launches new 'blockade-busting' maritimes routes

09 August, 2017

Qatar will launch new direct maritime routes with Malaysia, Pakistan and Taiwan in September in a move that will further enable Doha to circumvent a blockade by its neighbours

Gulf mediator Kuwait sends royal messengers to Riyadh, Cairo

07 August, 2017

Kuwait's emir has sent envoys with messages for the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt as the country attempts to mediate a diplomatic crisis in the Gulf.

UAE thwarting US peace efforts in Yemen, Libya: report

05 August, 2017

The UAE has been undermining the United States' peace efforts in Yemen and Libya, straining relations between the two allies, The Washington Post has revealed.

Qatar expats granted new rights under landmark law

03 August, 2017

Qatar's landmark law will grant foreigners permanent residency and new freedoms, marking a significant step towards change in Gulf societies.

Qatar has championed a modern approach to diplomacy

02 August, 2017

Comment: Qatar's strategy in dealing with the Gulf crisis could form part of a new Arab diplomatic approach that rejects isolationism and conspiracy, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

The Twitter tournament: This week in Middle East football

26 July, 2017

Blog: The Arab Club Championship represents a serious mark for sports broadcasting as it becomes the first football tournament to be broadcast live on Twitter, writes Uri Levy.

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