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Malaysia data breach 'hacked from Oman IP address'

18 November, 2017

One of Malaysia's biggest data breaches originated from an IP address in Oman, as the investigation continues into one of the country's biggest hacks.

HRW slams treatment of Tanzanian domestic workers in Gulf

14 November, 2017

Human Rights Watch have described the horrific treatment of Tanzanian domestic workers in the Gulf states the UAE and Oman, detailing incidences of 'beatings, exploitation, harassment'.

Egypt FM to tour Gulf amid political turmoil

11 November, 2017

Egypt's foreign minister, whose government is closely allied with Saudi Arabia, will carry a message from the president to the leaders of Saudi Arabia among others, during a three-day visit.

Qatar blames Saudi-led boc for 'dissolution' of GCC

09 November, 2017

Qatar's foreign minister has warned a boycott of Doha by a Saudi-led bloc of Arab states could lead to the breakup of the GCC.

A Saudi political earthquake decapitates the system of princes

07 November, 2017

Comment: King Salman and his son have cut off the head of the princely system, but its body remains entrenched in key governmental agencies, writes Robert Springborg.

Bahrain imposes visas on Qatar visitors

01 November, 2017

Bahrain's King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa ordered the new rules and urged authorities to strengthen security measures in the tiny Gulf kingdom.

GCC at stake as Bahrain suggests suspending Qatar membership

30 October, 2017

The future of the Gulf Cooperation Council is at risk of destruction amid an ongoing diplomatic crisis, as Bahrain suggests suspending Qatar's membership on Monday.

US drone strike kills 13 'IS fighters' in Yemen

25 October, 2017

A US drone strike killed 13 suspected Islamic State militants in central Yemen on Wednesday, as the US and six Gulf states announced sanctions against militants in the war-torn country.

US, Gulf states sanction Yemen IS, al-Qaeda leaders

25 October, 2017

Top Islamic State and al-Qaeda figures in Yemen were slapped with sanctions after a joint decision by the United States and six Gulf states on Wednesday.

Kuwait ruler says Qatar crisis could herald GCC breakup

25 October, 2017

Kuwait ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Sabah has warned that the GCC alliance could fall apart due to the ongoing diplomatic crisis over the Qatar blockade.

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