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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE rulers 'skip GCC summit'

05 December, 2017

The rulers of the blockading nations all sent representatives to the summit meeting in Kuwait, while the Emir of Qatar attended in person.

UAE, Saudi Arabia announce new partnership in GCC 'rebuff'

05 December, 2017

The UAE and Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a new partnership group separate from the GCC in a clear snub ahead of a meeting in Kuwait

GCC summit opens but hopes dashed by UAE-Saudi snub

05 December, 2017

A summit of the GCC will convene Tuesday, but hopes for ending the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar during the meet are undermined by an annoucement of a new UAE-Saudi bloc

Qatari, Saudi rulers to attend summit despite Gulf crisis

04 December, 2017

The Qatari Emir and Saudi King will both attend a crucial summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council this week, amid a Saudi-led boycott of the gas-rich emirate.

A role in search of a hero

01 December, 2017

Comment: The Arab world seems destined to continue to offer a leadership role in search of its hero, writes Robert Springborg.

Egypt reeling from Sinai mosque attack that killed 305

26 November, 2017

Survivors and Egypt's top prosecutor give accounts of the massacre that unfolded as more than two dozen assailants, carrying a black IS banner, unleashed gunfire and explosions during Friday prayers.

Saudi anti-terror coalition to hold first meeting in Riyadh

19 November, 2017

Defence ministers from members of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) are due to meet for the first time in Riyadh next week, amid rising regional tension.

Malaysia data breach 'hacked from Oman IP address'

18 November, 2017

One of Malaysia's biggest data breaches originated from an IP address in Oman, as the investigation continues into one of the country's biggest hacks.

HRW slams treatment of Tanzanian domestic workers in Gulf

14 November, 2017

Human Rights Watch have described the horrific treatment of Tanzanian domestic workers in the Gulf states the UAE and Oman, detailing incidences of 'beatings, exploitation, harassment'.

Egypt FM to tour Gulf amid political turmoil

11 November, 2017

Egypt's foreign minister, whose government is closely allied with Saudi Arabia, will carry a message from the president to the leaders of Saudi Arabia among others, during a three-day visit.

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