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Cyclone Mekunu lashes southern Oman, kills one

26 May, 2018

One person has been killed after Cyclone Mekunu struck southern Oman and parts of Yemen late on Friday.

Oman cyclone intensifies to category-three hurricane

25 May, 2018

Oman's southern city of Salalah is experiencing the first pangs of a severe cyclone with category-three hurricane winds expected to pound the coastal city.

Oman braces for 'most powerful cyclone' in its history

25 May, 2018

South Oman is bracing for one of the most severe storms in its history, as Cyclone Mekenu is expected to make landfall in the coming hours.

Yemenis missing at sea as cyclone pounds Socotra

24 May, 2018

A huge storm has devastated the Yemeni island of Socotra, with numbers of missing expected to rise as neighbouring Oman braces for severe destruction.

Powerful cyclone wreaks havoc on Yemen's Socotra island

23 May, 2018

A severe cyclone has wreaked havoc on the Yemeni island of Socotra - listed by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.

Powerful cyclone predicted to pound Oman and Yemen

23 May, 2018

A severe cyclone is likely to hit southern Oman this weekend, as the storm is predicted to intensify to hurricane-level strength.

US, Gulf states slap terror sanctions on Hizballah leader

16 May, 2018

The United States and Gulf states have imposed terror sanctions on Lebanon's Hizballah, including on the group's leader Hassan Nasrallah and other top officials.

UN Human Rights Council to meet over Gaza killings

15 May, 2018

A special session will be held on Friday to discuss the "deteriorating human rights situation" in Palestinian territories.

Gaza massacre: Where Arab countries stand

15 May, 2018

Arab states condemned Monday's Gaza massacre, but some choose not to comment on the controversial opening of the US embassy in the contested city of Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia 'arrests second Qatari citizen in a month'

14 May, 2018

Saudi authorities have allegedly arrested a Qatari citizen from Kuwait - the second such detention in less than a month.

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