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Turkey holds talks with Saudi on ending Qatar blockade

16 June, 2017

Turkey has asked Saudi Arabia to host a Turkish military base in the kingdom, as the foreign minister meets the king in Riyadh for talks on the Qatar blockade.

UK must act now to help mediate in Qatar

15 June, 2017

Comment: Macron is leading negotiations, but he will need the backing of a more familiar face in the region, and the UK qualifies to fill this role, writes Marcus Hendriks.

Qatar: A convenient scapegoat in a broken system

15 June, 2017

Comment: Qatar's policies, many of which were until recently mainstream in the Gulf, have led it to be hounded simply for not toeing the regional line, writes Barak Barfi.

India defies Gulf blockade with direct Qatar shipping route

15 June, 2017

Ships from India will now arrive directly in Qatar's Hamad Port without having to stop anywhere in the Gulf, offering fresh relief to the small emirate blockaded by its neighbours.

BAE 'sold mass-surveillance technology that enabled Arab Spring crackdowns'

15 June, 2017

BAE Systems worked with a Danish cyber-security company to create Orwellian mass surveillance technology that led to the mass imprisonment of activists involved in organising popular uprisings, says the BBC.

UAE: Gulf air blockade only applies to Qatar airlines

13 June, 2017

The UAE's air authority appears to have backtracked on an earlier statement banning all flights to Qatar travelling through Gulf airspace.

Qatar and the risky politics of bullying

12 June, 2017

Comment: Blockading food shipments, withdrawing air space, whipping up anti-Qatar fever in state controlled media. It's time Saudi Arabia and its allies acted responsibly and diplomatically, writes Bill Law.

Qatar finance minister confident in face of blockade

12 June, 2017

Qatar's finance minister says there is no reason to be concerned about the Qatari riyal, noting the country can easily defend its economy and currency against the Gulf blockade.

Qatar breaks food blockade with two new shipping routes

12 June, 2017

Qatar's national shipping company announced that six ships loaded with food would dock in Doha each week, after a regional diplomatic spat results in a blockade of the Gulf state.

1967 to 2017: Arab unity, a fickle beast

09 June, 2017

Comment: Until this sudden fracturing of the GCC, it had appeared that a third phase of inter-Arab cooperation might be about to commence, writes Robert Springborg.

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