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Oman sees trade boost following Qatar blockade

10 September, 2017

Oman appears to have benefited from the Gulf political crisis by staying neutral in the fracas, with the sultanate seeing a boom in trade with Qatar.

Iraqi pilot killed in F-16 in southeastern Arizona

06 September, 2017

An Iraqi student pilot was killed when an F-16 jet crashed during a training mission in southeastern Arizona on Wednesday.

Qatar launches 'blockade-busting' port, one of region's largest

05 September, 2017

Qatar is set to officially inaugurate a port designed to help bypass a Gulf "blockade" on a country largely dependent on food imports.

Not so neutral: This week in Middle East football

29 August, 2017

The latest from this week's Asian Champions League quarterfinals.

UK secures use of Oman naval base in Duqm

29 August, 2017

UK Defence Minister Michael Fallon visited Oman to cement a raft of military agreements with the sultanate, including the use of Duqm port for naval ships.

Feet up, hands off - driving in Oman

28 August, 2017

A growing number of young Omanis are switching on cruise control, lying back and letting their feet do the work, but the practice of 'hand-less driving' has alarmed experts.

Can Gulf states ever cooperate over oil production?

28 August, 2017

Comment: Cooperating to develop shared oil fields could aid diplomacy, but the absence of mutual trust means 'unitisation' has not yet been a success in the Gulf, writes Pierre Fabiani.

Qatar to officially launch blockade-busting port after Eid

27 August, 2017

Qatar has announced the official launch of the Hamad Port in the first week of September, which is already being used to circumvent a blockade enforced on the country.

Eight, including three Saudis, drown at Pakistan beach

27 August, 2017

A family of five and the son of Saudi Arabia's vice-consul general to Pakistan have drowned while bathing in stormy waters off Karachi.

Oman's foggy cool monsoon season and festival draws tourists

25 August, 2017

A 60-day festival in Oman draw hundreds of thousands of visitors in celebration of Oman’s cultural diversity of Arab, African, and Asian roots intertwined by the summer rain clouds.

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