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Passport to salvation: Egypt's human traffickers find new loophole

19 May, 2017

The New Arab investigates a network of facilitators smuggling people from Egypt to Europe using purchased original passports and taking advantage of airport security loopholes.

Egypt's Copts mark Good Friday in wake of tragedy

14 April, 2017

Egypt's Coptic Pope Tawadros II led Good Friday mass at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo days after twin church bombings that killed 46 worshipers as they celebrated Palm Sunday.

Egypt police identify Alexandria church suicide bomber

12 April, 2017

Egyptian police said they have identified the suicide bomber behind a deadly attack outside a church in the coastal city of Alexandria last weekend.

Newspaper first victim of Sisi's Palm Sunday emergency measures

11 April, 2017

Issues of a privately owned al-Bawaba daily were confiscated for two days in a row after publishing a front-page editorial blaming the interior ministry for the Palm Sunday church bombings.

Muslim Brotherhood denounces Egypt church bombings, blames Sisi regime

10 April, 2017

The Egyptian regime had a hand in the twin church bombings that killed dozens on Palm Sunday, the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood has said.

Victims and heroes of Egypt's Palm Sunday massacre

10 April, 2017

At least 44 men, women and children were killed in Islamic State attacks on two Egyptian churches. These are some of the names of the victims.

Egyptian Christians bury dead after IS church bombings

10 April, 2017

Egyptian Christians are burying their dead a day after at least 44 people were killed in twin suicide bombings at Palm Sunday services in two separate cities.

Egypt's Sisi declares three-month state of emergency

09 April, 2017

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced late on Sunday a three-month state of emergency following the bombings of two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt earlier on Sunday.

Shady Egyptian militant group claims Tanta motorcycle-bomb attack

01 April, 2017

Islamist militant group Lewaa al-Thawra has claimed responsibility for an attack that wounded 16 people outside an Egyptian police training centre in Tanta on Saturday.

Al-Qaeda confirms US strike killed deputy leader in Syria

03 March, 2017

Al-Qaeda has confirmed that deputy leader Abu Khayr al-Masri was killed in a drone strike by the US-led coalition in Syria.

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