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Egypt extends state of emergency by three months

15 April, 2018

Egypt's state of emergency has once again been extended, close to a year after the deadly bombings of two Coptic churches in Cairo.

Egypt sentences 36 to death for Coptic church bombings

11 April, 2018

A string of bomb attacks on Coptic churches in Cairo, Alexandria and the Nile Delta city of Tanta between 2016 and 2017 killed more than 80 people.

Egyptian literary pioneer Ahmed Khaled Tawfik passes away

04 April, 2018

Egyptian novelist Ahmed Khaled Tawfik has died aged 55, a writer with a vision who transformed contemporary Arab literature.

Dancing and smoking shisha, international 'observers' praise Egypt's elections

28 March, 2018

A video that surfaced on Facebook showed an international delegation visiting Egypt dancing to the sound of traditional music with locals and smoking shisha.

Egyptian voters 'cajoled and bullied' into polling booth

28 March, 2018

As voter turnout dwindles at 7 percent in some areas, Egyptian authorities have deployed an array of tactics to mobilise voters, from cash incentives to intimidation.

Sinai residents suffer, a month into Egypt's military campaign

13 March, 2018

Sinai residents are hungry, short of medicine and infant formula as Egypt's military campaign to oust an Islamic State group franchise drags on.

Egypt says 3 troops killed fighting militants in Sinai

27 February, 2018

Three Egyptian soldiers, including an officer, were killed on Tuesday while fighting militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula as part of a countrywide military offensive announced earlier this month.

Egypt: Seven troops killed in Sinai anti-militant operation

26 February, 2018

More than 70 'militants' have been killed during this month's operations, though journalists are barred from the area and cannot verify Cairo's numbers.

Egypt: 7 troops killed in anti-militant operation

23 February, 2018

Egypt's army has announced that seven soldiers have been killed in its recently-launched operation against militants.

Egypt says 53 militants killed in controversial military sweep

16 February, 2018

Egypt's military claims dozens of militants have been killed and arrested in operations focussing around the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Desert.

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