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Egypt says 53 militants killed in controversial military sweep

16 February, 2018

Egypt's military claims dozens of militants have been killed and arrested in operations focussing around the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Desert.

Sisi's Sinai operation is counter-democracy, not counter-terrorist

12 February, 2018

Comment: The real purpose of Sisi's operation is to reassure and intimidate voters, to glorify the president, and to distract from the regime's failings, writes Robert Springborg.

Tillerson kicks off 'difficult tour' of tense Middle East

12 February, 2018

Flying into Egypt on Sunday, the US Secretary of State has started a five-nation tour in the Middle East, amid heightened tensions and unease over Trump's policies in the region.

Egypt military bombards Sinai in pre-election anti-militant operation

10 February, 2018

The Egyptian army has said it has carried out intensive air raids in the Sinai Peninsula in a new offensive against extremists ahead of presidential elections next month.

Egypt closes schools in northern Sinai amid anti-militant operation

09 February, 2018

The governor for the northern Sinai peninsula has decided to suspend all schools indefinitely as the Egyptian military launches a major campaign against militants.

Egypt launches major military assault on militant areas

09 February, 2018

Egyptian troops are massing in the troubled Sinai region, as the army announced the start of a major offensive against militants across the country.

Egypt facing population 'catastrophe'

21 December, 2017

With the country in economic, political and security turmoil, Egypt's high rate of population growth could see it heading for "catastrophe".

Sinai attack shows Sisi has lost control

29 November, 2017

Comment: Sisi's reign of terror against those who seek justice has created an ideal incubator for radical violent ideologies such as that of the Islamic State group, writes Sam Hamad.

Egypt imam vows to finish sermon after mosque massacre

26 November, 2017

A defiant Egyptian imam says he will return to the mosque where 305 people were massacred to finish his sermon following the deadliest attack in recent memory.

Egypt's Sisi warns Ethiopia over dam construction project

19 November, 2017

Sisi issued a stern warning to Ethiopia on Saturday over a dam it is building after the two countries and Sudan failed to approve a study on its potential effects.

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