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How four Iraqi women's lives changed in 15 years

26 April, 2018

Feature: Marta Bellingreri speaks to the documentary makers of 'Women out of Darkness,' telling the story of four women by intertwining their lives in Iraq at different times and stages.

Iraq to rebuild destroyed iconic Mosul mosque

24 April, 2018

The UAE has put forward more than $50 million to rebuild al-Nuri mosque in Mosul, after it was damaged during battles with the Islamic State group.

Tortured, disappeared, displaced: Libyans in the hands of smugglers

23 April, 2018

In-depth: Human traffickers are making fast cash on the migrant trade, yet many desperate people are willing to pay any price to escape, reports Francesca Mannocchi.

14 Saddam-era officials remain behind bars in Iraq: survey

23 April, 2018

An AFP survey has found that 14 Saddam-era officials remain in detention 15 years after the climax of the US-led invasion in 2003.

212 Mosul residents handed death sentences since IS ousted

19 April, 2018

More than 3,000 people have been sentenced to death in Iraq in recent years, with rights groups criticising the flawed trials and arbitrary detentions.

US to send Arab-American 'IS fighter' to unnamed country

18 April, 2018

The US government said it intends to hand over a US-Saudi citizen to an unnamed country, instead of trying him in America, posing questions on rights violations.

Iraq sentences French, Russian female jihadists to life imprisonment

17 April, 2018

Iraq on Tuesday sentenced a French woman and two other Russians to life in prison for belonging to the Islamic State group.

Amnesty: 'IS-linked' women, children suffer abuse in Iraq

17 April, 2018

A new report by Amnesty International documents the testimonies of displaced Iraqi women who say they have suffered sexual violence and alienation due to their suspected links to IS.

'Deep differences' between Iraqi PM, FM on Syria strikes

16 April, 2018

Baghdad has witnessed a range of differences toward the latest US-UK-France strikes on Syria, a source told The New Arab on Monday.

The Islamic State group is not finished – yet

12 April, 2018

Analysis: The 'caliphate' may be destroyed, but that doesn't mean IS has vanished. Many predict the organisation will regroup and strike again. Question is, how and where, writes Stasa Salacanin.

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