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Abadi's capture of Kirkuk might just save Iraq

17 October, 2017

Comment: Abadi's recapture of Kirkuk doesn't render him an enemy of the Kurdish cause, but he and the Kurds need each other to avoid a vicious divorce, writes Gareth Browne.

US-backed forces announce full capture of Raqqa from IS

17 October, 2017

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said on Tuesday they had fully captured the Islamic State group's former Syrian stronghold Raqqa, after more than four months of fighting.

The mental trauma of Iraq's displaced

16 October, 2017

In-depth: As the Islamic State group faces defeat in Iraq, the mental scars of their brutality remain carved into Iraqis who suffered under the self-styled 'caliphate', reports Laura Cappon.

Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from war-torn Mosul still displaced: NGO

15 October, 2017

The Norwegian Refugee Council said nearly 700,000 Iraqis from the former Islamic State stronghold of Mosul and nearby areas are still displaced despite the city's recapture three months ago.

IS foreign militants leave Syria's Raqqa under evacuation deal

15 October, 2017

Some foreign Islamic State militants have left Syria's Raqqa city on Sunday as part of a withdrawal deal with US-backed militias, a local official said.

Evacuation deal for Syria's Raqqa as city's capture nears

14 October, 2017

Foreign and Syrian jihadists from the Islamic State group are to evacuate their former stronghold of Raqqa, as US-backed forces near the capture of the city.

Kurds offer talks with Baghdad to ease punitive measures

12 October, 2017

Kurdish authorities said on Thursday that they had offered to hold talks with Baghdad on the status of Kurdish airports, border posts and banks following a raft of punitive measures.

Iraq Kurd fighters block roads to second city Mosul

12 October, 2017

Kurdish Peshmerga forces blocked roads from Iraqi Kurdistan to the country's second city Mosul on Thursday in response to Iraqi troop movements.

The Iraq Report: IS reduced to final Iraq bastions

11 October, 2017

Welcome to The New Arab's weekly round-up of events in Iraq

Fighting in Sabratha sets tone for Libya's future instability

09 October, 2017

Analysis: Deals with militias to reduce migration to Europe has left Libya at the mercy of warlords tearing the country apart, reports Francesca Mannocchi.

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