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Mosul offensive restarts despite airstrike massacres

27 March, 2017

Huge civilians casualties have not stopped an Iraqi offensive on IS-held neighbourhoods in Mosul, but activists warned that massacres will continue if forces use heavy weaponry.

Syrian opposition: US airstrikes on residential areas must stop

27 March, 2017

Calls made by the Syrian National Coalition follow allegations US-lead coalition airstrikes have killed hundreds in Raqqa, and Mosul, across the Iraqi border, in attacks that could constitute "war

Iraqi army 'reduces Mosul firepower' over high civilian casualties

27 March, 2017

An "initial agreement" to suspend the use of artillery shelling and airstrikes in Mosul neighbourhoods 'except when necessary' has been reportedly reached

500 killed in suspected Mosul airstrikes: Iraqi civil defence

26 March, 2017

The number of victims in alleged Mosul air raids has risen to 511 people, including 187 children under the age of 15, the Iraqi civil defence has said.

Iraq parliament speaker voices concern over Mosul air raid

26 March, 2017

The Iraqi speaker of parliament has expressed concern over an air raid that killed more than 200 civilians in western Mosul where US-backed troops are fighting IS.

Deadly strike prompts suspension of west Mosul operations

26 March, 2017

While Iraq's parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri has expressed concern over reports of airstrikes that may have killed more than 100 civilians in western Mosul.

US: Coalition airstrikes targeted Mosul district where 'massacre' occurred

25 March, 2017

Over 200 people were reportedly killed as a result of suspected coalition airstrikes on the al-Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul as civilian casualties in the IS-held bastion continue to rise

Mosul rescue workers recount horror of devastating air raid

25 March, 2017

In Mosul at the scene of a devastating air raid, which killed as many as 200 civilians, Civil Defence responders spoke of the horrors civilians are facing.

Spotlight falls on Raqqa as Tillerson to visit Turkey

25 March, 2017

Turkey is a key NATO ally to the US. However Washington's faith in Kurdish forces currently marching on IS de facto capital threatens to derail the relationship.

The Iraq Report

24 March, 2017

This week in Iraq: Your weekly digest brought to you by The New Arab.

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