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Israel-Africa summit canceled amid Togo unrest

12 September, 2017

The Israeli Foreign Ministry says an Israel-Africa summit scheduled next month in Togo has been postponed.

Tunisia bars Morocco's 'rebel prince' from democracy conference

10 September, 2017

A Moroccan prince has been expelled from Tunisia after he tried to attend a conference on the North African country's political transition.

Saudi Arabia's attempts to topple Qatar's emir will fail

07 September, 2017

Comment: Saudi Arabia is trying to topple the Emir of Qatar and it will fail, writes Dr Ali Bakeer.

Qatar waives visa requirement for Moroccans

07 September, 2017

Citizens of Morocco no longer need visas to enter Qatar, official Moroccan media reported on Tuesday, after Qatari Prime Minister met with a Moroccan delegation in Doha the same day.

Feminising the Ma'zoon: Morocco allows women to officiate marriages

06 September, 2017

Women in Morocco can soon start authorising marriages, divorces and a number of other legal contracts as well as assist judges, as part of judicial reforms starting in October.

'Israeli' hummus is theft, not appropriation

04 September, 2017

Comment: Referencing Arab defensiveness about traditional dishes without mentioning colonisation or ethnic cleansing is a whitewash, writes Steven Salaita.

11 hilarious Eid al-Adha memes to kick-start your celebrations

01 September, 2017

Need to inject a little humour this Eid? Here are 11 of the funniest Eid al-Adha memes online. You're welcome.

Libya's Haftar receives UK foreign secretary in Benghazi

25 August, 2017

The UK foreign minister flew to Benghazi on Thursday to meet the breakaway rebel military leader and discuss the peace process.

Saudi-led coalition kills 42 Yemenis in one week

25 August, 2017

Airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition have killed 42 civilians in Yemen over the past week, with multiple children among the dead.

Muslims protest against Islamophobic hate crimes after Spain attacks

24 August, 2017

Muslims in Spain protested against Islamophobia on Wednesday, after a rise in hate crimes following last week's deadly terror attacks.

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