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Man arrested after shocking Morocco sexual assault video

29 March, 2018

Police in Morocco have arrested a man in connection with a shocking public sexual assault video that was shared online earlier this week.

Morocco police investigate shocking public sexual assault video

28 March, 2018

A video showing a teenage girl being stripped and assaulted in public has triggered an investigation after the footage was shared on social media.

Macron sees new vision of Islam with female imam

27 March, 2018

France's president on Monday met with Sherin Khankan, Denmark's first female imam, to discuss the future of Islam in Europe amid a push by Paris for more religious understanding.

Saudi minister's tweet angers football star Mo Salah's fans

26 March, 2018

Saudi Arabia's sports minister enraged supporters of Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah, in the official's latest brush with controversy.

French policeman 'who swapped self for hostage' shot dead

24 March, 2018

A policeman, hailed as a 'hero,' has become the fourth victim of an IS-linked supermarket hostage-taking attack in southern France after being shot dead during a police siege.

Morocco authorities promise to close abandoned Jerada mines

20 March, 2018

After months of social unrest and protests demanding development, Moroccan authorities have promised to close abandoned mines in the northeastern city.

Brussels retakes Grand Mosque from Saudis amid 'radicalism concerns'

17 March, 2018

After almost 50 years of control, Saudi Arabia has struck a deal to cede the running of the Grand Mosque to Belgian authorities amid its links to recent terror attacks.

Moroccan authorities clamp down on former mining town protests

14 March, 2018

Videos posted on social media platform show clashes between protesters and police forces in an north-eastern province of Morocco.

Propagandising football, Israel to broadcast World Cup in Arabic

14 March, 2018

Israeli state media will broadcast FIFA World Cup matches this summer for free in neighbouring Arab countries in a controversial bid to woo Arab audiences, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announces.

Freshly sqweed: Morocco finds hash disguised as orange juice

13 March, 2018

Moroccan custom officials said Tuesday that they had seized 240 kilograms of hashish squeezed into orange juice cartons destined for export at the port city of Casablanca.

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