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UN envoy in Morocco to restart Western Sahara talks

17 October, 2017

Horst Koehler was visiting Morocco on Monday as part of a regional tour aimed at restarting stalled peace talks between Rabat and the pro-independence Polisario Front.

Wave of 'thirsty protests' hit Morocco after water shortages

15 October, 2017

In a bid to express their discontent over the water crisis, residents began organising regular peaceful protests in a town near the capital Rabat.

Morocco arrests 11 suspects linked to Islamic State militants

15 October, 2017

Moroccan police arrested 11 members of an "extremely dangerous terrorist" cell linked to the Islamic State group and seized chemical products used to make bombs, the interior ministry said.

Lebanon cyber police arrests highlight growing Middle East 'sexual-extortion'

12 October, 2017

A spate of sexual extortion cases in the Arab region has prompted internet security groups to issue new warnings to netizens to protect their online privacy from intrusion and blackmail.

Mauritania and Algeria to open borders

11 October, 2017

Mauritania is turning to Algeria in a bid to enhance its economic ties with the oil-rich country after years of tension with Morocco, writes Habibulah Mohamed Lamin.

World Cup qualifying: This week in Middle East football

11 October, 2017

Blog: Expectation, hope, drama, tears, disappointment and joy - all part of this week's spectacular World Cup week for Arab national teams, writes Uri Levy.

Morocco prepares to test 'fastest train in Africa'

10 October, 2017

Moroccan leaders have heralded the project as a key step in modernising the country's infrastructure.

Casablanca protests in solidarity with jailed Rif activists

09 October, 2017

Around 1,000 protesters, led by organisers perched on a pickup truck with megaphones, gathered at a main Casablanca intersection on Sunday, chanting various slogans, including "freedom, dignity, social justice."

Morocco's oldest political party Istiqlal elects new leader

08 October, 2017

Former Finance Minister Nizar Baraka has been elected as the leader of Morocco's oldest political party, Istiqlal's website said on Saturday.

Sahrawi youth: Caught between home and a hard place

06 October, 2017

Blog: With few opportunities at home, Sahrawi youth are finding themselves lured by the dream of escaping to Europe, writes Habibulah Mohamed Lamin.

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