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US charges Lebanese 'Hizballah financier' extradited by Morocco

26 March, 2017

US authorities charged on Friday a long-wanted alleged Hizballah financier extradited by Morocco with violating US terror-related sanctions.

New Moroccan prime minister forms government, ending five-month crisis

25 March, 2017

Morocco’s new Prime Minister Saadeddine El Othmani has succeeded in building a governing coalition, ending a five-month political deadlock after just eight days in office.

One in five Arab Mediterranean youths hopes to emigrate

25 March, 2017

One in five youths in several North African countries and Lebanon would like to emigrate in search of better prospects, according to a study conducted for the European Commission.

Tunisia calls in UK envoy over 'unjustified' laptop ban

25 March, 2017

The North African country protested against what it called an "unjustified" ban on electronic devices on flights to the United Kingdom.

South Sudan rebels capture oil workers following $500mn contract

23 March, 2017

A new oil exploration contract signed by Nigeria's Oranto Petroleum caused a recent flare of violence in the country's north - as experts warn against investing in South Sudan's minerals.

Arab nations fork out to save world's heritage sites

21 March, 2017

Seven countries and a US donor have pledged tens of millions of dollars to a UNESCO-backed fund aimed at protecting the world's cultural heritage against war.

Arab 'diplomatic boycott' if US moves embassy to Jerusalem

21 March, 2017

Arab nations have been called to close their embassies in Washington if the US moves its Israel embassy to Jerusalem, in a show of solidarity with Palestine.

Morocco king names new premier to end deadlock

17 March, 2017

King Mohammed VI named Saad-Eddine El Othmani, a former foreign minister, to form a new government.

'Hizballah-linked' Lebanese businessman arrested in Morocco for US extradition

17 March, 2017

Kassim Tajeddine was arrested while travelling through Casablanca on Sunday because of an extradition order from the US over alleged ties to Hizballah, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Moroccan king ousts designated prime minister

16 March, 2017

Morocco's king ousted the designated prime minister Wednesday, in an effort to settle a five-month deadlock over forming a new government.

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