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What will Macron's mandate mean for the Middle East?

23 June, 2017

Analysis: Macron has made an impressive start, winning an overwhelming majority in parliament. What might his presidency have in store for French Arabs, and France's foreign policy? asks Bachar El-Halabi

Morocco busts 'IS-linked cell plotting tourist attacks'

23 June, 2017

Security services in Morocco dismantled a suspected "terrorist cell" linked to the Islamic State group accused of plotting major attacks on tourist sites.

Praying while female: Why I'm calling for women-only mosques

22 June, 2017

Comment: Women are overwhelmingly unwelcome in our own mosques, the time has come for dedicated mosques for women, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

Sexual assault in MENA 'caused by fragile male ego'

20 June, 2017

A new survey of over 10,000 people found that many young men were trying to reassert their damaged masculinity caused by a poor economy by sexually assaulting women.

UK must act now to help mediate in Qatar

15 June, 2017

Comment: Macron is leading negotiations, but he will need the backing of a more familiar face in the region, and the UK qualifies to fill this role, writes Marcus Hendriks.

France's president now trying to mediate in Gulf crisis

15 June, 2017

President Emmanuel Macron arrived on a 24-hour visit to Morocco on Wednesday as France steps up diplomatic efforts to mediate amid a regional campaign against Qatar.

India defies Gulf blockade with direct Qatar shipping route

15 June, 2017

Ships from India will now arrive directly in Qatar's Hamad Port without having to stop anywhere in the Gulf, offering fresh relief to the small emirate blockaded by its neighbours.

BAE 'sold mass-surveillance technology that enabled Arab Spring crackdowns'

15 June, 2017

BAE Systems worked with a Danish cyber-security company to create Orwellian mass surveillance technology that led to the mass imprisonment of activists involved in organising popular uprisings, says the BBC.

Turkish FM visits Doha amid Qatar blockade

14 June, 2017

Turkey's Mevlut Cavusoglu called for dialogue to end the Gulf crisis, after meeting Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in Doha on Wednesday.

US says it won't expand airline laptop-ban...for now

14 June, 2017

Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly said it may not be necessary to expand a ban on laptops and other large electronics in the cabins of international flights into the US

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