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Gulf states using Israeli spyware to target activists, minorities

19 September, 2018

Israeli-made spyware is being used by Gulf states to crack down on dissidents, a new report by Citizen Lab has revealed.

Mass power outages as Libya rivals clash near capital

18 September, 2018

Fighting between rival militias in the capital of Tripoli flared up again on Tuesday, causing mass power outages across the country.

Thriving trade in pirated reads vexes Moroccan bookshops

18 September, 2018

Trade in cheap, illegal copies of literary works is booming in Morocco.

Arab designers in the spotlight at London Fashion Week

17 September, 2018

An array of flamboyant, vibrant and beautifully crafted outfits by Arab designers showcased at the Stories from Arabia event as part of London Fashion Week.

Morocco reinstates military service and people are not impressed

16 September, 2018

Some view the return of military conscription as gainful employment for youths with too much free time, others as a tool to blunt protest movements.

Tunisia struggles to host refugees saved at sea

15 September, 2018

Most refugees who reached Tunisia illegally hope to head to Europe as they struggle to survive in the country's only migrant centre.

Pakistan face arch-rivals India in football clash

13 September, 2018

After three years without international football due to terrorism and politics, Pakistan's national team has brought some pride to their country and fans.

Morocco introduces law to combat violence against women

12 September, 2018

A law to combat violence against women in Morocco entered into force Wednesday, following years of heated debate and after thousands called for action in a recent gang-rape case.

Morocco: Over 50,000 migrant crossings to Europe foiled

07 September, 2018

Moroccan authorities have announced that they have foiled 54,000 bids by migrants to cross over to Europe this year.

Suspects in court over reported rape of Moroccan teen

06 September, 2018

Family members of 11 young men suspected of multiple charges, including rape, have protested outside a Moroccan court where their first hearing was held.

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