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South Sudan faces arms embargo 'if fighting continues'

01 June, 2018

Should the fighting continue, and a political agreement not be reached soon in South Sudan, the UN will adopt an arms embargo

UN threatens South Sudan with sanctions

01 June, 2018

The UN Security Council has adopted a US-sponsored resolution that threatens sanctions against six government officials.

South Sudan defence minister among proposed US blacklist

28 May, 2018

Six South Sudanese officials including the defence minister could be added to a sanctions blacklist for fuelling the country's war and blocking aid, reports said on Monday.

South Sudan peace talks brought to a halt

24 May, 2018

Peace talks between South Sudan's opposition and government have faltered as the proposed deal was met with discontent.

Standoff in Juba as troops encircle ex-army chief's home

05 November, 2017

Streets across South Sudan's capital are largely empty as fears a standoff between two rival groups bring fears of a new civil war.

S. Sudan's Salva Kiir in Khartoum to 'ease tensions'

02 November, 2017

Salva Kiir makes his third visit to Khartoum as President of South Sudan to discuss border disputes and 'normalising relations'.

US slaps sanctions on senior South Sudan officials

07 September, 2017

The United States applied sanctions on Wednesday to three officials from South Sudan accused of instigating and profiting from the four-year civil war in Africa's youngest country.

Profitable crisis: Aid groups slam South Sudan's $10,000 visas

13 March, 2017

South Sudan is expected 'to profit' from its famine crisis after hiking visa prices to $10,000, aid groups warned on Saturday.

South Sudan hikes visa cost to $10,000 amid famine

04 March, 2017

Just days after President Kiir promised not to impede humanitarian access to famine-stricken areas, the ministry of labour announced a huge increased to business visa costs.

South Sudan minister defects to Machar's rebels

17 February, 2017

South Sudan's labour minister resigned on Friday and declared allegiance to rebel leader Riek Machar, making him the second top official to quit in the war-torn country this week.

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