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Profitable crisis: Aid groups slam South Sudan's $10,000 visas

13 March, 2017

South Sudan is expected 'to profit' from its famine crisis after hiking visa prices to $10,000, aid groups warned on Saturday.

South Sudan hikes visa cost to $10,000 amid famine

04 March, 2017

Just days after President Kiir promised not to impede humanitarian access to famine-stricken areas, the ministry of labour announced a huge increased to business visa costs.

South Sudan minister defects to Machar's rebels

17 February, 2017

South Sudan's labour minister resigned on Friday and declared allegiance to rebel leader Riek Machar, making him the second top official to quit in the war-torn country this week.

UN to vote on South Sudan arms embargo

22 December, 2016

The UN will vote on whether to adopt an arms embargo on South Sudan after warnings that the country faced the risk of mass atrocities.

US seeks UN vote on South Sudan arms embargo

20 December, 2016

The US pushed for a Security Council vote on an arms embargo on South Sudan as in attempt to cut off weapons flow to the war-torn country.

Could an arms embargo prevent genocide in South Sudan?

05 December, 2016

A recent UN commission found that genocide was a real possibility in South Sudan, yet the international community has failed to act. What can be done to stop the violence?

Famine outbreak in South Sudan following escalation in violence

14 October, 2016

A spokesperson for the World Food Programme has warned of child malnourishment in the north of the country, as the UN peacekeeping mission reports a rise in violence.

South Sudan rebuffs rumours of leader's death

12 October, 2016

South Sudan's government are attempting to restore calm amid rumours of President Salva Kiir's death, while rebels battle troops near the capital.

Ceasefire declared in South Sudan after fierce fighting

11 July, 2016

A cessation of hostilities has been declared by both South Sudan's president and his estranged deputy, as hundreds are reported killed in fresh clashes between government forces and rebels

Bashir threatens military action against South Sudan rebels

29 April, 2015

Sudan moves a step closer to intervention in southern neighbour state as Khartoum and Juba trade accusations of support for rebels.

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