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Mauritania 'using blogger's life to appease Islamist right-wingers'

16 November, 2016

Mauritanian blogger Mohammed Cheikh Ould Mkheitir is appealing his death sentence, but he faces huge resistance from Islamist groups who are growing in power in the African state.

Al-Qaeda video shows Malians executed for 'collaborating with France'

06 November, 2016

Footage released by al-Qaeda in the Maghrib (AQIM) video has shown two Malians being publicly executed after being accused of collaborating with French counter-terrorism teams.

Where to get a drink in the Middle East

24 October, 2016

A decision by the Iraqi parliament to ban the sale, import and production of alcohol, has put the country in the ranks of other Middle East states to ban booze.

Morocco 'arrests Algerian officers and Polisario members'

18 October, 2016

A purported clandestine military operation by Western Saharan separatists and Algerian soldiers has allegedly been foiled by Moroccan authorities.

Lebanon's controversial foreign minister in 'misogyny and racism' row

19 September, 2016

Critics say Lebanon's foreign minister Gebran Bassil managed to insult both women, and Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the country, calling it a 'new low'.

Moroccan troops and separatists square up in Western Sahara

29 August, 2016

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon is trying to defuse tensions as Moroccan troops and Sahrawi separatist fighters occupy a thin strip of no man's land in the southern desert.

Israel: Normalising the abnormal (I): Terminologies

22 August, 2016

Comment: Arab regimes are already restoring diplomatic ties with Israel, despite the rhetoric surrounding solidarity with Palestinians, writes Dr. Azmi Bishara in the first part of his treatise on normalisation

What's in a flag? Mauritania 'deploys missiles' towards Morocco

21 August, 2016

As the Western Sahara dispute remains in deadlock, Morocco's relations with its neighbours continued to sour this week with Mauritania reportedly ordering missiles to its northern border.

UN: no evidence of Moroccan incursion into Western Sahara

19 August, 2016

The UN has said that there is no evidence of a Moroccan incursion into the disputed Western Saharan following a Polisario Front complaint.

Mauritanian anti-slavery activists jailed following controversial court cases

19 August, 2016

Mauritanian courts have sentenced anti-slavery activists to jail for up to 15 years, despite outcry from human rights groups.

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