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Hizballah affiliate killed in suspected Israeli drone-strike in Syria

19 March, 2017

Israel reportedly launched a drone attack on Yasser al-Sayyid while he was driving towards the Golan Heights on Sunday afternoon.

Israel threatens to 'destroy' Syrian air-defence system

19 March, 2017

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems after they fired ground-to-air missiles at Israeli warplanes carrying out strikes.

Israel blacklists Palestinian prisoners' fund as 'terrorist organisation'

17 March, 2017

Israel declared on Thursday the Palestine Liberation Organisation's main financial body, which provides assistance to Palestinians held in Israeli jails, a terrorist organisation.

'Who will marry them?' Rabbi excommunicates Israeli army women

09 March, 2017

An Israeli Rabbi said women who join Israel's military service come back as 'non-Jews', in controversial remarks that sparked a backlash on International Women's Day.

Israel minister calls for mass expulsion of Palestinian-Israelis

13 February, 2017

Israel's minister of defence has said all Palestinian-Israelis should relocate to the West Bank so as to create an ethnically pure Jewish state.

US silent amid international outrage over Israel's land-grab law

07 February, 2017

Israel's pro-settler law crossed a "thick red line" towards annexation of the occupied West Bank, said the UN amid further international condemnation - but Trump's administration has refused to comment.

Netanyahu urges May to slap new sanctions on Iran

06 February, 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met UK counterpart Theresa May on Monday, urging her to back new sanctions against "provocative" Iran.

Amona eviction drama: smoke-and-mirrors that benefits Israeli settlement project?

03 February, 2017

Analysis: Israeli settlers achieved more victories from the simulated and dramatic eviction of Amona outpost.

Trump in Jerusalem: Peace-maker or hell-raiser?

01 February, 2017

Comment: In moving the US embassy to West Jerusalem, Trump could gain the admiration and support of all countries and peoples of the world, writes former Palestinian Ambassador, Ali Kazak.

Senior Israeli minister vows annexation of 'entire West Bank'

01 February, 2017

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett vowed the annexation of the entire West Bank following the eviction of settlers from the illegal Amona outpost on Wednesday.

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