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Israeli, US officials meet to defuse Lebanon gas row

18 February, 2018

Last week Lebanon signed its first contract to drill for oil and gas in a pair of offshore zones, including one that its southern neighbour Israel says belongs to it.

Nasrallah says US cannot fairly mediate Lebanon-Israel gas dispute

17 February, 2018

Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah has accused the US of taking Israel's side in an ongoing dispute over offshore drilling rights.

Will Bibi's judges prioritise perks over principles?

16 February, 2018

Comment: Israeli PM Netanyahu's fate lies in the hands of avaricious coalition members, reluctant to cede their perks in the name of justice, writes Barak Barfi.

Tillerson kicks off 'difficult tour' of tense Middle East

12 February, 2018

Flying into Egypt on Sunday, the US Secretary of State has started a five-nation tour in the Middle East, amid heightened tensions and unease over Trump's policies in the region.

Lebanon blasts Israel border wall as 'violation of sovereignty'

06 February, 2018

Lebanese and Israeli military met to address Israel's border wall and Lebanon's maritime energy exploration, two contentious issues at the root of escalating tensions between the two countries.

Manhunt for Palestinian suspect who 'stabbed settler' in Ariel

06 February, 2018

Raids have been carried out in the towns surrounding the settlement of Ariel, as Israeli forces hunt down Hakim Asi, accused of stabbing an Israeli settler to death on Monday.

Tensions between Gaza and Israel may erupt into war

05 February, 2018

Violence between Israel and Gaza-based Hamas is close to reigniting, after a recent uptick in attacks and counter-attacks, reports Al-Orjwan Shurrab.

Lebanon to defy Israel anger over gas exploration drive

01 February, 2018

Lebanon has approved a bid for gas and oil exploration in waters off its coast, which is also claimed by neighbour and arch-rival Israel.

Israel threatens Lebanon over Iran ties, offshore oil exploration

31 January, 2018

Israel's defence minister said that Lebanon had sacrificed its national interests by 'subjugating fully' to Iran amid an offshore gas field row.

Israel says Abbas 'lost his senses' after defiant speech

16 January, 2018

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' speech, where he accused Israel of ending the peace process and ended the US' role in it, has come under fire by Israeli leaders

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