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Boris Johnson's 'English lion' is an imperial embarrassment

05 October, 2017

Comment: The UK foreign secretary is not the only one who should be reassessing his imperialist outlook, writes Tom Charles.

Libya MPs demand apology from Johnson over Sirte comments

05 October, 2017

Libya's parliament in the east of the country on Thursday demanded British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson apologise over remarks about clearing dead bodies form the former IS stronghold of Sirte.

IS attack kills at least four in Libya's Misrata

04 October, 2017

At least four people have been killed in an IS suicide bomb attack at the main court building in Libya's third-largest city Misrata, security officials said.

UK's Boris Johnson makes shocking gaffe about Libya's Sirte

03 October, 2017

Gaffe-prone UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson shocked a Conservative Party conference after saying British investors were looking to make Libya's Sirte a holiday hot-spot once 'the dead are cleared' away.

Libya rivals made progress in Tunis talks: UN

01 October, 2017

Libya's warring factions have made progress on amending a deal on a political transition for the North African country, the special UN envoy said on Sunday.

Benghazi port open for the first time since 2014

01 October, 2017

Commercial operations at Benghazi port ended in 2014 when armed groups took control of the city. Today, Libyans are hoping its reopening will be permanent.

Libyan 'militant' stands trial for US ambassador's murder

01 October, 2017

A Libyan man accused of being behind an attack on a US consular compound in Benghazi which led to the death of a envoy is to stand trial on Monday.

Libya tribal elders and reconciliation negotiators murdered

30 September, 2017

Two elders from one of Libya's most powerful tribes have been murdered, serving a big blow to hopes for reconciliation in the war-torn country.

Alleged Libyan war-criminal holds private talks in Europe

28 September, 2017

Khalifa Haftar has been accused of personally ordering attacks on civilians, having enforced a 'starve or kneel' policy in the two-year siege of Benghazi.

Libya's path to peace needs grit and determination

28 September, 2017

Comment: A UN-led plan for peace in Libya will require real determination, both regionally and internationally, if it is to succeed, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

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