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What happens next if the UN fails in Libya?

20 October, 2017

Comment: The alternative outcomes, should the UN's sixth envoy to Libya fail to bring about a political solution, are not enviable, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

Saudi-led bloc 'bribed' African countries to join Qatar crisis

19 October, 2017

A Saudi-led bloc boycotting Qatar has 'bribed and blackmailed' several African countries to join its attempt to isolate the country, Qatar's foreign minister has said.

Benghazi seeks funding to convert war-ravaged palace into museum

19 October, 2017

The Libyan antiquities department is seeking funding to help convert an old palace into the city's new museum, housing thousands of ancient treasures.

US judge blocks Trump's Travel Ban 3.0

17 October, 2017

Trump's pledge to end immigration from several Muslim-majority countries was kicked into touch again by a US judge on Tuesday, serving another blow for the president's widely-perceived discriminatory travel ban.

World Cup qualifying: This week in Middle East football

11 October, 2017

Blog: Expectation, hope, drama, tears, disappointment and joy - all part of this week's spectacular World Cup week for Arab national teams, writes Uri Levy.

People smuggler who raped, killed migrants jailed for life

11 October, 2017

A man who behaved like a 'Nazi concentration camp guard' at a migrant detention centre in Libya has been jailed for life after attempting to smuggle himself into Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn's silence on Syria is hypocritical

10 October, 2017

Comment: Jeremy Corbyn believes one cannot be selective on human rights issues - which makes his position on Syria all the more troubling, writes Sam Hamad.

Fighting in Sabratha sets tone for Libya's future instability

09 October, 2017

Analysis: Deals with militias to reduce migration to Europe has left Libya at the mercy of warlords tearing the country apart, reports Francesca Mannocchi.

Libya says remains found of Copts beheaded on beach

08 October, 2017

The remains have been unearthed of 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by extremists on a Libyan beach two years ago, the interior ministry said on Saturday.

Libyan group captures 'migrant hub' on Mediterranean coast

07 October, 2017

A rival Libyan armed group has captured a Mediterranean port used as a launchpad for migration to Europe, threatening an EU-brokered deal to curb

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