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Arab economies look set to stay in the doldrums

23 November, 2017

Analysis: While European economies appear to have weathered the storm, dark forecasts for the Arab world persist, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

France calls UN Security Council meeting over Libya slavery

22 November, 2017

France decided this morning to ask for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss this issue, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told parliament on Wednesday.

Spain jails hundreds of migrants from North Africa

21 November, 2017

Spain has detained nearly 500 migrants who arrived in the country by boat from Africa, as Madrid fears that neighbouring Maghreb states could become new people trafficking hubs.

Libya slave auctions may be 'crime against humanity'

21 November, 2017

UN chief Antonio Guterres said that he was horrified by video footage showing African migrants being sold at a Libya slave market.

France to take in refugees rescued from Libya

20 November, 2017

France will be the first country to welcome African refugees evacuated from Libya to Niger by the UN refugee agency, French officials announced Monday.

Maghreb states become new staging posts for Europe migration

20 November, 2017

Algerian coastguard intercepted 300 migrants off the North African coast, as tougher policing off Libya's waters makes Maghreb states the new launchpad for illegal migration to Europe.

Libya says it will investigate 'slave auction' footage

20 November, 2017

Libya will investigate alleged slave trading in the country, the internationally-recognised government announced Sunday, following the release of video footage appearing to show migrants being

Saudi anti-terror coalition to hold first meeting in Riyadh

19 November, 2017

Defence ministers from members of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) are due to meet for the first time in Riyadh next week, amid rising regional tension.

Pogba dedicates comeback goal to Libya slave victims

19 November, 2017

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba sent a powerful message of support to the victims of slavery in Libya on Saturday during a comeback goal after months of injury.

'Libya will be rebuild through its institutions': UN envoy

19 November, 2017

War-torn Libya must be rebuilt through its institutions, says the UN envoy to the country, as diplomats struggle to find a way out of the fighting.

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