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Egypt says 53 militants killed in controversial military sweep

16 February, 2018

Egypt's military claims dozens of militants have been killed and arrested in operations focussing around the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Desert.

Toppling Saudi Arabia as top world oil producer

13 February, 2018

Analysis: US oil production is fast approaching 11 million barrels per day, which will make it the undisputed top dog in global output, writes Nehad Ismael.

Tillerson praises military, encourages fair elections during Egypt visit

13 February, 2018

The US envoy voiced his support for fair elections in Egypt, but made no mention of human rights or the political situation during his meeting with President Sisi.

Libya's smugglers are getting rich dealing in migrant lives

12 February, 2018

In-depth: Human traffickers are making fast cash on the migrant trade, yet many desperate people are willing to pay any price to escape, reports Francesca Mannocchi. Photos by Alessio Romenzi.

Iraq anime fans flock to Baghdad convention

10 February, 2018

Anime fanatics in war-torn Iraq have flocked to the country's annual festival celebrating Japanese animation and comic book culture.

Twin bomb blasts hit Benghazi mosque

09 February, 2018

A mosque bombing in Libya's second city of Benghazi has killed one person and wounded more than 62 people, the city's hospital has said.

Italy tries Eritrean refugee as world's most dangerous trafficker

09 February, 2018

In-depth: A man on trial in Italy as one of the world's most notorious people-smugglers may be a simple Eritrean migrant mis-identified by Sudan and extradited to Italy by mistake.

Eyes on Morocco: This week in Middle East football

08 February, 2018

Morocco is shooting for the 2026 World Cup following an outstanding performance in the Championship of African Nations.

Wanted Libyan militia chief 'surrenders' to eastern authority

08 February, 2018

A Libyan militia leader wanted by the ICC for allegedly murdering a group of prisoners of war has reporedly handed himself over to the eastern authority's military police.

Sisi or Sisi's supporter? Egypt's presidential dilemma

06 February, 2018

Analysis: After the alarming sidelining of any serious challengers to Sisi in upcoming presidential elections, Émile Taalab asks: will Egyptians still go to the polls?

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