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Woman killed in IS attack on Libya police station

03 June, 2018

The area surrounding Ajdabiya, a city 160 kilometres east of Benghazi, is often hit by IS targeting forces from strongman Khalifa Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army.

'Hypocrite' Trump to host White House Ramadan iftar

03 June, 2018

US President Donald Trump faced backlash from Muslims for his 'hypocricy' after deciding to host the annual White House iftar.

Libya 'wants to expand economic, development cooperation' with US

01 June, 2018

Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) said it wanted to expand economic and development cooperation with Washington.

Haftar assault on Libya's Derna intensifying, UN warns

31 May, 2018

Libyan rogue general Khalifa Haftar has waged a war against militants holed up in Derna, with tens of thousands of civilians trapped without food, medicine or water.

Rival Libya leaders 'agree to hold elections this year'

29 May, 2018

Rival Libyan leaders vying for influence in the war-scarred country have agreed to hold elections later this year, an advisor to the UN-backed government has said.

Paris Summit hopes to secure Libya elections this year

29 May, 2018

Libya's rival leaders are set to meet in Paris to discuss the country's political roadmap in an international conference.

Paris conference on Libya risks being 'counterproductive'

29 May, 2018

A Paris conference on Libya has been criticised for failing to seek a broader consensus in the country.

Spain saves over 500 migrants attempting Mediterranean journey

27 May, 2018

The number of migrants arriving in Spain has increased dramatically since the EU struck deals last year to stem the flow arrivals in Greece and Italy.

Libya breakthrough to be sought at Paris conference

27 May, 2018

A major international conference dedicated to obtaining a political roadmap for Libya will bring its rival factions together in Paris on Tuesday.

Nearly 1,500 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean

26 May, 2018

Around 1,500 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Thursday and Friday in operations involving the Italian navy.

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