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HRW condemns 'Haftar-linked summary executions' in eastern Libya

30 November, 2017

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday condemned a series of summary executions of dozens of people in areas of eastern Libya under the control of controversial strongman Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

UAE 'preventing Shafiq from leaving' to challenge Sisi

29 November, 2017

The former Egyptian prime minister has told media he has been banned from leaving the Emirates after announcing his intention to run against Egypt's President Sisi.

Libya steps up migrant repatriation flights amid mounting criticism

28 November, 2017

Libya's UN-backed authorities said flights repatriating stranded migrants will be stepped up, as the International Organisation for Migration called on Tripoli to empty its detention centres on Tuesday.

What next for the IS fighters returning to Tunisia

28 November, 2017

Indepth: Hundreds of Islamic State fighters are returning to Tunisia, but what can be done to prevent the spread of radicalisation in a country reliant on tourism, writes Francesca Mannocchi.

Who is really responsible for Libya's slave trade?

27 November, 2017

Comment: Libya cannot be used as a convenient place to park the blame for the international community's failure to deal with a global migration crisis, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

Saudi crown prince's military alliance targets 'Palestinian terrorism'

27 November, 2017

A video at the opening meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance in Saudi Arabia caused a stir after using footage of Palestinian fighters to depict terrorists.

Exclusive: Migrants speak of 'unbearable torture' at Libya slave-auctions

26 November, 2017

The New Arab spoke to African migrants who recently escaped from Libya, where they were caughtup in slave auctions during their journey of migration in search of a better life.

Over 30 migrants dead, 200 rescued off Libya coast

26 November, 2017

More than 30 migrants died and 200 were rescued on Saturday after their boats foundered off Libya's western coast, the Libyan navy said.

At least 31 dead after migrant boat sinks

26 November, 2017

Libya's coastguard says it has rescued around 200 people after a migrant boat sank off the coast of Tripoli.

Egypt destroys 10 'explosives-laden' vehicles near Libya border

24 November, 2017

Egypt's army says its latest strike against militants near Libya has prevented smugglers from bringing arms into Egypt.

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