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Libya's path to peace needs grit and determination

28 September, 2017

Comment: A UN-led plan for peace in Libya will require real determination, both regionally and internationally, if it is to succeed, writes Guma El-Gamaty.

East Libya government issues travel ban against Americans

28 September, 2017

The Tobruk-based House of Representatives issued the travel ban in retaliation against President Trump's recent executive order, banning Libyans from entering the United States.

Libya threatens to seize NGO migrant rescue boats

28 September, 2017

Libya's navy threatens to seize activists' boats on migrant rescue missions if they enter its waters unauthorised, following a run-in on Wednesday with a German vessel carrying 52 migrants.

Libya - a country controlled by organised crime gangs

27 September, 2017

In-depth: Thousands of people have been abducted and killed in Libya, where the security services have all but disappeared and gangster militias act with impunity, reports Francesca Mannocchi.

Rights groups accuse UAE of war crimes in Libya

27 September, 2017

Libyan rights groups have claimed the UAE has committed war crimes in the oil-rich country, as a key backer of renegade general Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Thousands of Libyans march for new politician, others oppose

26 September, 2017

Demonstrators gather in the Libyan capital in support of Switzerland-based Libyan businessman who had called for a rally to reject the leadership of both main sides in the divided country.

Trump rages on with new anti-migrant travel ban

25 September, 2017

Only one of the countries from the expired ban, Sudan, will no longer be subject to travel restrictions

US launches airstrikes on 'IS camp' in Libya

24 September, 2017

The US air strikes were believed to be the first in Libya by American forces since US President Donald Trump took office in January.

Hunger games: Geopolitics of the GCC's food insecurity

22 September, 2017

Comment: The rift between Qatar and the Saudi-UAE axis brings into sharper focus the intractable issue of food insecurity in the region, writes Amar Diwakar.

Trump's travel ban to expire on Sunday

22 September, 2017

Trump's controversial travel ban which blocked travellers from six Muslim-majority countries entering the US expires on Sunday, with little clarity on the White House's next steps.

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