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UN warns 'handful' of powerful Libyans can block elections

16 July, 2018

A UN envoy warned that a "handful" of Libyans were attempting to prevent elections being held in the country later this year.

Five European countries to take in stranded migrants

15 July, 2018

European countries agreed to take in a share of migrants stranded off the Italian coast.

Malta and France 'agree to take 100 migrants': Italy

15 July, 2018

Malta and France agreed to take 100 of the 450 migrants who were rescued from a fishing boat in the Mediterranean, claiming victory in the latest standoff.

Italy and Malta in quarrel over rescuing stranded refugees

14 July, 2018

Italy and Malta argued over who was responsible for rescuing around 450 migrants cramped onto a fishing boat on Friday.

Libya to reopen key southern oilfield

13 July, 2018

Production stopped at al-Fil due to a strike by the local branch of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, which demanded higher salaries.

Libya resumes oil exports from eastern terminals following clashes

11 July, 2018

The internationally recognised National Oil Company said production and export levels would return to 'normal levels' within hours.

EU parliament head in Libya urges trafficker 'blacklist'

09 July, 2018

As the EU grapples with the issue of migration from Africa and the Middle East, European Parliament chief in Libya called for a 'blacklist' of people smugglers.

Italy pens 'friendship deal' with Libya to return migrants

08 July, 2018

The deal reactivates a 2008 treaty that had Libya working to stop migrant flows in exchange for billions in Italian investment.

Thousands march in Germany against new migrant accord

08 July, 2018

More than 12,000 showed up in Berlin in support of refugees and to criticise a new EU agreement to stem the flow of migrants arriving in Europe.

Italy calls for end to arms embargo on Libya

05 July, 2018

Italy's interior minister on Thursday called for the end of the international arms embargo on Libya, arguing weapons and migrant traffickers disregard it anyway.

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