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Mass power outages as Libya rivals clash near capital

18 September, 2018

Fighting between rival militias in the capital of Tripoli flared up again on Tuesday, causing mass power outages across the country.

Libya capital's only functioning airport closed over security fears

17 September, 2018

An airport in Tripoli has been closed, due to ongoing violence in the Libyan capital.

Tunisia struggles to host refugees saved at sea

15 September, 2018

Most refugees who reached Tunisia illegally hope to head to Europe as they struggle to survive in the country's only migrant centre.

Tunisia-Libya border reopening sparks hope for locals

14 September, 2018

Cross-border activity is back to normal after the reopening of the Tunisian-Libyan border, amid an ongoing commercial dispute between the two states, reports Alessandra Bajec.

UN urges calm ahead of Libya elections

14 September, 2018

The UN has urged all Libyans to maintain calm to provide a more suitable atmosphere for the nearing elections.

Pakistan face arch-rivals India in football clash

13 September, 2018

After three years without international football due to terrorism and politics, Pakistan's national team has brought some pride to their country and fans.

US, UN sanctions target Libya militia leader

12 September, 2018

The United States and the United Nations imposed sanctions Wednesday against Libyan militia leader Ibrahim Jadhran, whose forces attacked oil terminals in eastern Libya in June.

John Bolton's ICC condemnation blazes trail for world's despots

12 September, 2018

Comment: John Bolton's opposition to the International Criminal Court puts him in the same camp as some of the world's worst war criminals, writes Rose Worden.

Rockets land at Tripoli's only working airport

11 September, 2018

The missiles forced at least one Libyan Airlines flight to be diverted to Misrata airport.

IS claims suicide blast on Libya oil company

11 September, 2018

Two employees and three IS assailants died during Monday's attack, which targeted the oil sector that funds 95 percent of state revenues.

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