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Election: Melenchon's vision for France and the Middle East

22 April, 2017

Interview: Has France's foreign policy helped recruit soldiers to Islamic State, and what should the republic's foreign policy be in Syria, Yemen and beyond? Melenchon's spokesperson, Charlotte Girard responds.

Emirates says it won’t withdraw from US despite cutback

20 April, 2017

Emirates remains committed to the US market despite plans to slash 20 percent of its flights in the wake of tougher security and visa measures put in place under Trump

France's presidential candidates on Arab world affairs

20 April, 2017

This Sunday's first round of France's presidential election will send the top two candidates through to the run-off on 7th May. Here's our round-up of French voters' choices.

Trump's Syria strategy slowly emerges out of the smoke

18 April, 2017

Can threatening war crimes charges or offering a safe exile persuade President Bashar al-Assad to leave? Such long-shot proposals now being seriously considered by the Trump administration.

Europe and its 'tribes': From colonialism to migration

17 April, 2017

Comment: The European construct of 'African tribes' is one that served the colonial administration. Today, Europe must accept the profound effect of its past on its present, writes Lorenzo Kamel.

Libyan town blames teen suicides on 'satanic internet game'

16 April, 2017

A series of suicides among teenagers and children in the city of Beyda in Libya has been blamed on Charlie Charlie, an internet 'demon-summoning' game.

3,000 refugees 'rescued off Libya coast'

15 April, 2017

The Italian coastguard and other boats rescued some 3,000 people from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast on Saturday.

Libyan rivals clash in neglected south

14 April, 2017

Libya's neglected south risks becoming an arena for score-settling between rival governments as their forces clash over the most important airbase in the south.

At least 97 missing as boat sinks off Libya

13 April, 2017

At least 97 people, including 15 women and five children, went missing on Thursday after their Europe-bound boat sank off the Libyan coast.

Is the tide turning against Haftar in Libya?

13 April, 2017

Comment: With Sisi's visit to Washington, and Haftar looking to take greater control of the south, local as well as international alliances are shifting in Libya, writes Guma ElGamaty.

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