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Who is Saoud al-Qahtani, Saudi Arabia's Steve Bannon?

23 August, 2017

In-depth: Accosting Saudi journalists and peddling fake news against opponents, a Saudi royal adviser close to Mohammed bin Salman appears to be reading straight from Steve Bannon's handbook.

Former Libya premier freed after nine-day abduction

23 August, 2017

An armed group released former Libyan premier Ali Zeidan, nine days after he was kidnapped in Tripoli, a family member and friend said on Wednesday.

Islamic State 'beheads' Haftar's soldiers in Libya

23 August, 2017

Reports are emerging of an attack on the Libyan National Army in central Libya by Islamic State fighters, leading to the beheading of soldiers.

Chad shuts Qatari embassy, tells staff to leave

23 August, 2017

Chad says it is closing Qatar's embassy in N'Djamena and giving its staff 10 days to leave.

Former Libya PM kidnapped in Tripoli: family

22 August, 2017

Libya's former prime minister Ali Zeidan has been kidnapped by an armed group and not been heard from in nine days, friends and family said.

What is Russia's game in Libya?

22 August, 2017

Comment: Although Russia appears to be shoring up relations with Khalifa Haftar, it is acting strategically to keep all potential emerging leaders on side, writes Guma ElGamaty.

Remembering Ghouta: Obama's meaningless red line

21 August, 2017

Comment: Obama's 'red line' morphed into a 'red herring' and could then become a green light for Assad to continue his genocidal war, writes Sam Hamad.

Shell loads Libya oil for first time in years

20 August, 2017

Shell loaded 600,000 barrels of crude oil from the Libyan port of Zueitina on Saturday, industry sources said, its first cargo from the war-torn country in over five years.

Bidding wars: This week in Middle East football

20 August, 2017

Morocco has thrown its hat into the ring to host the 2026 World Cup, but face a challenge from a US-Canada-Mexico super-bloc who want to bring football back to America.

Libyan National Army arrests Haftar-linked commander sought by ICC

19 August, 2017

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has detained Mahmoud al-Werfalli, a senior military commander suspected of executing dozens of prisoners in the war-torn city of Benghazi.

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