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Tunisia commission proposes reforms strengthening women's and LGBT rights

20 June, 2018

Among the proposals are equal inheritance for women and decriminalising homosexuality.

Syrian refugees balance safety and hardship in Lebanon

20 June, 2018

Feature: Amina, a Syrian refugee living in Beirut fled her war-torn home to keep her children safe, but life has not been easy since. Nicholas Frakes meets the young mother.

Lebanon to review decision not to stamp Iranian passports

19 June, 2018

Lebanese ministers are set to review a decision by the country's security agency not to stamp Iranian passports at the airport, an interior ministry source said.

Palestinian refugee agency to cut operations in Gaza

19 June, 2018

Severe US cuts to UNRWA's funding has forced it to defer payment of salaries and suspend some of its operations in the besieged Gaza strip.

One person displaced every two seconds: UN

19 June, 2018

Syria's seven-year conflict has pushed more than 6.3 million people out of the country, the UN said, with Turkey hosting by far the largest number of refugees.

Lebanon FM 'endangering lives of anti-Assad Syria refugees'

17 June, 2018

Lebanon is ignoring the safety of thousands of Syrian refugees in the country who are opponents of the Assad regime, as it increases pressure from them to return.

Germany's Merkel to visit Jordan, Lebanon this month

16 June, 2018

Germany's chancellor will make a visit to Jordan and Lebanon later this month, local media has reported.

Assad claims 'still pursuing political solution' over southern Syria

14 June, 2018

President Bashar al-Assad said that his regime is still looking at a possible 'political solution' to the handover of opposition territories in southern Syria.

Lebanon urged to unblock permits for Syria refugee staff

12 June, 2018

Beirut blocked residency permits for UN refugee agency staff after a spat over Syrians returning home.

Twenty-seven arrested in Iran over Ramadan 'terrorist' plot

12 June, 2018

The country is a target of Sunni jihadists for its regional role and backing of Shia militias in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.

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