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Syrian refugee sets himself alight outside Lebanon's UN office

10 January, 2018

After aid to his family was cut off, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon set himself alight outside a UN office.

Syria: Israel missiles target Damascus military outposts

09 January, 2018

The Syrian army accused Israel of launching several missiles which targeted military outposts by Damascus.

2018: From the frying pan into the fire

08 January, 2018

Comment: The Middle East in 2018 faces plenty of known difficulties and challenges. But there are also some 'known unknowns' lurking, writes Robert Springborg.

The EU must stop deporting Afghans to warzones

08 January, 2018

Comment: Sending Afghans back to a country where they risk persecution or death violates international and EU law, writes Mat Nashed.

Netanyahu calls for closure of UN Palestinian refugee agency

07 January, 2018

UNRWA provides education, health and other social services to around five million Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and the West Bank.

Israel supports 'gradual' US funding cut for Palestinian refugees

07 January, 2018

Israel favours slowly cutting US funding to UNRWA, agency that provides education, health and social services to around five million Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and West

Security cordon lifted in Beirut's iconic Nejmeh Square

04 January, 2018

Security barriers blocking entrances to downtown Beirut's once-thriving Nejmeh Square have been removed, giving business owners hope for a much-needed boost.

Iran protests lack clear goals and leadership

04 January, 2018

Comment: Unless protesters can form a rallying cry around a clear goal, their influence will be limited, writes Mitra Keyvan.

Lebanon approves Saudi ambassador after diplomatic tussle

04 January, 2018

Ambassador Walid al-Yaacoubi and his Lebanese counterpart in Saudi Arabia were caught in an apparent dispute over representation, with each country delaying accreditation of the other's diplomat.

Stray dog poisoning video sparks outcry in Lebanon

31 December, 2017

Footage of a stray dogs apparently being poisoned by municipal staff has sparked a public outcry in Lebanon, with politicians rushing to post pictures of themselves with their pets.

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