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Canada's Trudeau refuses to back down in Saudi spat

08 August, 2018

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says Canada "must correct its actions towards the kingdom".

Lebanon pop-star Elissa reveals cancer battle in music video

08 August, 2018

One of Lebanon's most beloved pop stars has revealed her battle with cancer in a music video released on Tuesday.

Regime forces block food to refugee camp

07 August, 2018

The Syrian regime has blocked food and aid from reaching a refugee camp in south Syria.

Washington's Lebanese dilemma

06 August, 2018

Comment: Washington could decide to pull the rug out from under Lebanon's economy, leaving Hizballah with an empty shell, writes Robert Springborg.

Syrian regime creates committee to repatriate refugees

06 August, 2018

Despite proposals to return millions of displaced Syrians, many fear detention and even death under Assad's brutal regime.

US takes aim at UN Palestinian refugee agency, again

06 August, 2018

The UNRWA has been a regular target of Israel and the Trump administration.

Lebanese official: Repatriated IS members fairly questioned

04 August, 2018

Eight suspected members of the Islamic State group handed over to Lebanon recently are being questioned under the supervision of judicial authorities

Kushner 'pressured Jordan' to strip Palestinians of refugee status

04 August, 2018

US President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly pressured Jordan to strip more than two million Palestinians of their refugee status.

Thousands of Israeli Druze protest Jewish nation law

04 August, 2018

Tens of thousands of Israeli Druze and their supporters rallied in central Tel Aviv Saturday to protest a new law they say makes them second-class citizens.

Syria's bureaucracy of death

01 August, 2018

Comment: Over 80,000 people are estimated to have been 'disappeared' by Assad's regime. Why, after years of denials, has it started releasing information now? asks Nadim Houry.

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