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Iran suggests regional dialogue to end 'hegemonic illusions'

25 April, 2018

Iran's foreign minister has suggested at the UN that open regional security talks should take place between Iran and its regional competitors.

Iran, Saudi Arabia cannot dominate Middle East : Zarif

24 April, 2018

Iran's top diplomat says that talks between Riyadh and Tehran are essential, adding that the two states have helped to 'destroy the region'.

Art of resistance: First Palestinian museum in US opens

23 April, 2018

Palestinian resistance through culture and creativity is being celebrated at the first museum of its kind in the US.

'The only solution to the Nakba is return'

23 April, 2018

In-depth: The bloody legacy of Israel's creation continues to be felt by refugee families, writes Jaclynn Ashly.

Lebanese aid worker gunned down in Yemen

21 April, 2018

A Lebanese Red Cross worker has been shot dead in in the southern Yemen city of Taiz.

Cutting salaries is a crime, Gaza PA employees say

20 April, 2018

Mahmoud Abbas is trying to cultivate a backlash against Hamas, but cutting salaries is making him just as unpopular in Gaza as the Islamist group, reports Mohammed Arafat.

HRW denounces eviction of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

20 April, 2018

In-depth: Syrian refugees are being subjected to institutional violence, fuelled by scapegoating and a sharp rise in xenophobia, a new Human Rights Watch report has found.

Lebanon praised for easing residency rules for school-aged Syrians

19 April, 2018

Lebanon has eased residency rules for teenage Syrian refugees to allow them access to important services such as education in a move that has been hailed by rights groups.

US cracks down on Syrian 'human trafficking gang'

18 April, 2018

The US has slapped sanctions on a gang accused of smuggling refugees out of war-torn Syria, through Mexico to the southern US border.

Belgian firms face prosecution over chemical exports to Syria

18 April, 2018

Isopropanol is subject to strict export controls when it is concentrated to 95 percent or more because it can be used to make chemical weapons, including sarin.

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