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Syrian regime calls on refugees to return home

03 July, 2018

The Syrian regime on Tuesday called on refugees to return home, saying it has successfully cleared large areas of "terrorists."

Regime reclaims more ground in south Syria: monitor

02 July, 2018

At least four villages in southern Syria were passed onto regime control on Sunday, the latest in a series of regained ground after the announcement of Russian-brokered deals.

Dozens of Syrians leave Lebanon for home

01 July, 2018

More than 40 Syrians returned voluntarily from Lebanon through the Masnaa crossing to areas in Syria, according to Lebanese authorities.

Syrians fleeing war 'will not be allowed into Israel'

01 July, 2018

Civilians fleeing Syria's war will not be allowed to enter Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, echoing calls made by other hardline Israeli lawmakers

Iconic Arab newspaper al-Hayat closes Lebanon office

30 June, 2018

Saudi-owned newspaper al-Hayat will close its vital Lebanon office, the latest Arabic daily to suffer financial problems.

Lebanon jails journalist for insulting minister in Facebook post

30 June, 2018

A Lebanese court has sentenced a journalist to a jail term for insulting the country's foreign minister in a social media post that criticised his treatment of Syrian refugees.

Hizballah to coordinate repatriation of Syrian refugees with Assad

30 June, 2018

Lebanon hosts just under one million registered refugees from the conflict in neighbouring Syria, although authorities say the real number is much higher.

Syrian refugees keep storytelling tradition alive

27 June, 2018

Feature: Displaced from their country, but not their culture, Syrian women are keeping memories of Syria alive among refugee communities by telling old tales and sharing stories.

Assad regime begins assault on Daraa city: state media

26 June, 2018

The Syrian army has launched its operation on rebel-held districts of Daraa city, amplifying concerns of the human toll of the Assad regime's advances.

Trump's border policy: Lasting damage to 'idea of America'

26 June, 2018

Comment: How, in light of the atrocities at the US border, can the idea of America still stand up? asks James J Zogby.

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