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UN warns funding gap raises Lebanon epidemics risk

05 April, 2018

The UN's Children Fund, which has provided free vaccines for children in Lebanon for a quarter of a century, says early 2018 has seen a sharp increase in measles cases.

Lebanon seeks billions to keep economy afloat

04 April, 2018

Growth in the country has plummeted in the wake of repeated political crises, compounded by the 2011 breakout of civil war in neighbouring Syria.

Trump says he wants US troops out of Syria

03 April, 2018

President Donald Trump has defied criticism on his US troop withdrawal remarks and repeated his plans to pull American soldiers out of Syria.

Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians won't deter the resistance

03 April, 2018

Comment: Israel's policy of 'deterrence' is indistinguishable from collective punishment, and as a result will only embolden Palestinian activism, writes Daoud Kuttab.

Bin Salman urges US troops to stay in Syria

31 March, 2018

Fearing unbridled Iranian influence and alarmed by Trump's latest remarks, the Saudi Crown Prince has voiced his strong support for US troops to remain in Syria.

Israeli drone crashes in southern Lebanon

31 March, 2018

An Israeli reconnaissance drone crashed in southern Lebanon due to a technical fault, Israeli military confirmed.

Superjumbo flight to Lebanon brings hope of tourism revival

29 March, 2018

The world’s largest passenger jet landed at Beirut’s international airport on Thursday, bringing with it hope for a revival of Lebanon’s vital tourism sector.

Less playing, more preaching: Cleric fired over piano videos

29 March, 2018

Sayed Hussein al-Husseini, a 38-year-old Shia Muslim, said he was punished for posting the videos of himself playing the piano.

Watanili: Helping Syrian children reclaim their childhood

28 March, 2018

Society: Through art, film and education, Watanili is a grassroots initiative working to give traumatised Syrian children a dose of normal childhood, reports Raya AlJadir.

Meeting Robin Yassin-Kassab

28 March, 2018

Interview: The author and journalist spoke to Andy Heintz about how Syria came to be the intractable conflict it now appears to be.

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