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Netanyahu: Iranian meddling will spark 'new refugee crisis'

05 June, 2018

The German and Israeli leaders expressed deep differences over Iran, with Netanyahu casting dramatic predictions of religious wars and refugee crises sparked by Iranian interference in regional conflicts

Syria FM's 'trash talk' provokes anger in neighbouring Lebanon

04 June, 2018

Assad's number-two claimed Syria's streets were in better condition than Lebanon's.

Lebanon 'grants nationality to Assad-linked businessmen, officials'

04 June, 2018

A decree in Lebanon has reportedly granted nationality to several Syrian businessmen and officials linked to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Netanyahu heads to Europe seeking about-face on Iran

04 June, 2018

Binyamin Netanyahu headed to Europe on Monday, in a visit set to be dominated by strategic differences on Iran.

Syria extends deadline for property confiscation law following uproar

02 June, 2018

A controversial new property law was announced in April, which would give the Syrian regime the right to seize property from refugees living outside government control.

One year later: A necessary reckoning in the GCC

01 June, 2018

Comment: Countries blockading Qatar must reflect on how their attempts to control the Gulf are destabilising the entire region, writes Imad K. Harb.

Israel and Russia team up against Iran in Syria

01 June, 2018

Israeli and Russian leaders have met following recent tensions in southern Syria, where Iran's military presence could be weakened, and Assad's troops bolstered, reports Paul McLoughlin.

UN warns of critical Syria refugee budget shortfall

31 May, 2018

Funding to Syrian refugees is falling critically short of what is needed to keep services running, the UN has warned.

Lindsay Lohan stakes claim to 'Lebanon' after Dubai deal

30 May, 2018

As well as designing her own UAE off-shore haven, the star is making designs to Dubai's 'Lebanon' island for her luxury getaway empire.

Lebanon begins first round of offshore oil exploration

30 May, 2018

Offshore oil and gas exploration begins in Lebanon following government approval last year.

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