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Regional alliance punishing Iraq's Kurds for referendum cannot last

07 February, 2018

Analysis: Determination to derail Kurdish statehood aspirations led to the emergence of a newfound Ankara-Baghdad-Tehran alliance, but this anti-Kurdish bloc may not be sustainable.

Lebanon military to block Israeli wall on its land

07 February, 2018

Israeli plans to build a wall on Lebanese land will not come to fruition, Beirut's defence council vowed Wednesday.

The cultural cost of invading Iraq

07 February, 2018

Comment: The dwindling selection of Iraqi literature at the fair highlights the cultural costs of government censorship and of the US invasion, writes Nazli Tarzi.

Lebanese to sue Saudi minister, MBS protege Thamer Sabhan

07 February, 2018

In a move sure to escalate tensions between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, a judge in Beirut has accepted a lawsuit against Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer Sabhan

Lebanon blasts Israel border wall as 'violation of sovereignty'

06 February, 2018

Lebanese and Israeli military met to address Israel's border wall and Lebanon's maritime energy exploration, two contentious issues at the root of escalating tensions between the two countries.

Syria regime airstrikes kill dozens in Eastern Ghouta

05 February, 2018

Eastern Ghouta is home to an estimated 400,000 people living under a crippling regime siege that has made food and medicine almost impossible to acquire.

Lebanon kicks off candidate registration for 'historic' general election

05 February, 2018

Lebanon has officially begun accepting candidates for the upcoming general election, scheduled for May.

Aid groups warn against forcibly returning Syrian refugees

05 February, 2018

The number of refugees who returned to Syria rose to 721,000 in 2017, but a further 1.5 million people are expected to be forced from their homes in 2018.

US and Argentina 'to work together' against Hizballah

05 February, 2018

The US and Argentina say they will work together to stop criminal groups raising funds for Hizballah.

HRW urges Turkey to end 'lethal force' against Syrians

03 February, 2018

Human Rights Watch called on Ankara on Saturday to stop using "lethal force" against Syrians trying to cross into Turkey, urging it to open its border to those seeking asylum.

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