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Gulf states using Israeli spyware to target activists, minorities

19 September, 2018

Israeli-made spyware is being used by Gulf states to crack down on dissidents, a new report by Citizen Lab has revealed.

Could the Russia-Turkey deal avert disaster in Idlib?

18 September, 2018

Analysis: The deal has bought more time for international diplomacy, but Syrians remain wary - and who could blame them?

Hizballah-friendly neighbourhood names Beirut street after suspected Hariri assassin

18 September, 2018

A Beirut street has been named after a Hizballah military commander, and one of the main suspects in Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

On Trump and Palestine solidarity, Ireland leads the way

17 September, 2018

Comment: The Irish people's commitment to solidarity with Palestine, women's rights and social justice, has been demonstrated again and again, writes Malia Bouattia.

Lebanon bans screening of The Nun on religious grounds

17 September, 2018

Horror film The Nun has been banned from cinemas across Lebanon after it was deemed offensive to the Christian faith.

Israeli-backed massacre of Palestinian refugees remembered 36 years later

16 September, 2018

On 16 September, Lebanese Phalange militiamen stormed the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and began a massacre which killed up to 3,500 Palestinians.

Trump cannot erase the Palestinian right to return

14 September, 2018

Comment: In threatening to take the Palestinian right of return off the table, Trump is aligning himself with some of Israel's worst human rights abuses, writes James J. Zogby.

Assad troops arresting former White Helmets 'every day'

14 September, 2018

Civilians and humanitarian workers who signed 'ceasefire' deals with the Syrian regime that assured their safety are now being arrested on a daily basis, according to local sources.

Trump's endgame in Palestine

13 September, 2018

Comment: Trump's recent decision to defund the UNRWA is part of a broader attempt to destroy the Palestinian national movement, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

Syria and Jordan in talks to re-open border crossing

13 September, 2018

Syria and Jordan have held first technical talks on opening the border, to allow trade between the two countries to resume.

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