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Palestinians slam 'provocative' US embassy Jerusalem opening

24 February, 2018

The Palestinian leadership has slammed a US decision to open its embassy in Jerusalem in May, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence, as "a provocation to Arabs".

Report: Human rights languish in India

23 February, 2018

Analysis: Modi has drummed up nationalist fervour to divert attention from deteriorating human rights in the country, according to a new Human Rights Council report.

The betrayal of India's human rights organisations

23 February, 2018

Tied down with bureaucracy and regulations, once powerful human rights groups in India are now 'toothless tigers', leaving the military's power in Kashmir totally unchecked.

Middle East peace plan 'almost ready', US says

23 February, 2018

The Middle East peace plan proposed by Trump's team is "almost ready" despite the Palestinian president's refusal to accept the US as a mediator.

US to open Jerusalem embassy in May

23 February, 2018

Israeli media has suggested the date set for the Jerusalem embassy move is May 14 - the 70th anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence.

Saudi Arabia amends law for women seeking divorce

23 February, 2018

Saudi Arabia has removed the "house of obedience" article in the marriage law which forces a wife to return to the marital home against her will.

Dubai accuses Djibouti of seizing DP World port

23 February, 2018

Dubai is seeking international arbitration after the Djibouti government ended a long-term concession for a UAE-company operating the container terminal.

Video showing Iran policeman shoving headscarf protester sparks outrage

23 February, 2018

A video showing a woman protesting the mandatory headscarf being met with a heavy-handed response by police has caused a social media storm.

IS-linked militants strengthening in southern Philippines

23 February, 2018

After the defeat of IS-linked militants in the city of Marawi in October, a new insurgency has started in the south of the Philippines.

Refutrees: Re-sowing Palestine's farming tradition among its refugee population

22 February, 2018

Seeking to inspire environmental movements to reform the current trajectory of Palestinian waste, and poor management of resources, Refutrees is a growing organisation.

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