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No longer alone: Why LGBT activists are speaking out

16 April, 2018

Report: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists in the Middle East and North Africa are defying state-sponsored repression and social stigma by sharing stories to help others.

Qatar wants talks on feasibility of 48-team World Cup

15 April, 2018

The country's infrastructure is already stretched thin as it builds eight stadiums to become the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup.

UN Security Council rejects Russian resolution condemning Syria strikes

14 April, 2018

A Russian-drafted resolution won three votes at the Security Council, far below the nine votes required for adoption, as eight countries voted against and four abstained.

Egypt's Sisi: President for life?

13 April, 2018

Comment: Egypt's election might have been a farce, but it has emboldened Sisi on his path of consolidating personal power, writes Robert Springborg.

No solution to Qatar crisis at Arab Summit: Riyadh

12 April, 2018

The upcoming meeting of Arab League states will not discuss the ongoing Saudi-led blockade on Qatar, Riyadh's foreign minister said on Thursday.

Kuwait suspends flights to Beirut over possible Syria strikes

12 April, 2018

Kuwait has suspended flights to and from Beirut in anticipation of strikes on Syria, which could see US missiles fired from the Mediterranean fly through Lebanese airspace.

Moderating Islam: Saudi Prince Mohammed walks on shaky ground

05 April, 2018

Comment: If Mohammed bin Salman continues to whitewash his family's role, whip former allies into subservience and suppress expressions of dissent, his reforms will be unsuccessful, writes James Dorsey.

Gaza's Great Return March is just the beginning

05 April, 2018

In-depth: The Great Return March is only the beginning for Palestinians who were expelled from their homelands during the 1948 Nakba, writes Rami Almeghari.

Saudi Arabia's first new cinema to open April 18

05 April, 2018

Hundreds of planned movie theatres could generate up to $1 billion in box office sales in the kingdom.

Blockade-hit Qatar invited to Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia

04 April, 2018

Qatar is yet to decide on its level of participation after receiving an invitation to the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia, Doha's foreign ministry spokeswoman told The New Arab.

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