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Kuwaiti mother sentenced to death for disabled daughter murder

01 February, 2018

A Kuwaiti mother and her boyfriend could soon be put to death, after the pair were found guilty of beating and murdering her disabled daughter.

Oman aviation set to soar

31 January, 2018

Analysis: The sultanate is establishing itself as a regional hub, and is seeing business take off, writes Alex Macheras.

Qatar signs trade, investment agreements with Oman amid blockade

28 January, 2018

Qatar declared on 10 January that the Saudi-led blockade amounted to an 'economic war' and that it would seek redress for people adversely affected by the crisis.

Baby boom pushes Egyptians to migrate

22 January, 2018

With rampant population growth and a population of 95 million, many Egyptians are leaving in search of opportunities, writes Jo Schietti.

UN employee abducted in Yemen's capital Sanaa

21 January, 2018

UN employee Hisham Abdel-Rahman Bagash was abducted by a masked man in Yemen's capital Sanaa as the war rages on.

Philippines bars workers from Kuwait over sexual abuse fears

20 January, 2018

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has followed on from a threat to bar nationals from working in Kuwait, over allegations of abuse and deaths in the Gulf country.

Germany stops weapons sales to countries fighting in Yemen

19 January, 2018

Germany's government said on Friday it would "immediately" stop weapons sales to countries involved in the Yemen conflict, including major customer Saudi Arabia.

GCC crisis: What's behind Trump's volte-face on Qatar?

19 January, 2018

Comment: If America cannot bring the two sides to negotiate a settlement, it would be a huge blow to its standing in the region, writes Anthony Harwood.

Tribal feuds spread fear in Iraq's Basra province

19 January, 2018

In Iraq's Basra province, tribal feuds are driving some residents to leave the oil-rich region.

Duterte threatens Kuwait with workers' embargo amid sexual abuse

18 January, 2018

Workers endure the threat of abuses, including rape, in some countries, commonly Kuwait, to be able to send money home and support their families.

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