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Can the Sadrist movement transcend sectarianism in Iraq?

21 June, 2018

Interview: Quentin Muller speaks to Moqtada al-Sadr's chief of staff, Dhia al-Asadi, about the Iraqi cleric's vision for Iraq.

Germany offers cash-strapped Jordan $100 million loan

21 June, 2018

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Jordan a loan of $100 million, as the kingdom attempts to get its finances in order following the cancellation of unpopular austerity measures.

World Cup LIVEBLOG: Russia v Egypt

19 June, 2018

Don't miss a moment as Egypt vie to break Arab teams' losing streak at Russia2018. Refresh this page to get up-to-the-minute updates

Qatar and Jordan hint at restoring full diplomatic relations

16 June, 2018

Qatar's eagerness to provide financial assistance to Jordan signals warming ties between the two countries and could see full diplomatic relations restored.

Jordan recalls ambassador from Iran over 'regional interference'

16 June, 2018

Jordan has recalled its ambassador to Iran over Tehran's "interference" in Arab affairs in the region, and will not name a new one.

UN top court to hear Qatar case against UAE

15 June, 2018

Qatar has condemned the "campaign of political and economic coercion" during a year-long blockade.

Jordan swears in new government following cabinet shakeup

15 June, 2018

Jordan's new cabinet is made up of technocrats and a record number of women, focusing on pocket book issues for everyday Jordanians.

Qatar pledges $500m aid package for austerity-hit Jordan

13 June, 2018

The offer comes despite Jordan downgrading its diplomatic relations with Qatar since the outbreak of the Gulf crisis last June.

UN votes on resolution blaming Israel for Gaza massacre

13 June, 2018

Staunch Israel ally the US has called a UN resolution criticising the deadly use of force against Gazans as "fundamentally imbalanced" for not mentioning Hamas.

Saudi to screen 'The Message' four decades after ban

12 June, 2018

The decades-old film was initially banned in most of the region but will now become the first Arabic title to screen in Saudi Arabia since 1983.

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