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Iraq to resume Gulf War reparations to Kuwait

22 November, 2017

Iraqi will contribute point five percent of its oil income to a reparations fund to Kuwait for damages to the country's oil infrastructure during the Gulf War.

Anti-Doha alliance 'planned Qatar invasion' in 2014

20 November, 2017

An anti-Doha Gulf alliance deployed troops along Qatar's border in 2014 in preparation for a military invasion of the Gulf state, a senior Qatari official has claimed.

Former Palestinian ambassador claims Saudi-UAE links to Abu Nidal

18 November, 2017

Following a wave of attacks on Gulf targets by Abu Nidal Organisation, Saudi Arabia and the UAE attempted to rein in the radical militant, a former Palestinian ambassador has claimed.

Kuwait Airways can refuse Israelis, rules German court

17 November, 2017

A court in Frankfurt has dismissed an Israeli citizen's lawsuit against Kuwait Airways, ruling that the carrier would face unreasonable repercussions by transporting Israelis.

Erdogan pledges military support for Qatar on Doha visit

15 November, 2017

Turkey's President Erdogan pledged continued military support for blockade-hit Qatar following a visit to Doha on Wednesday.

Turkey's Erdogan in Qatar for economic talks with Emir

14 November, 2017

Turkey's president has arrived in Qatar to hold talks with the country's emir, as a crisis that has split Qatar from its Gulf neighbours enters its sixth month.

This Kuwaiti man tried 'selling' his wife for $650

14 November, 2017

In a shocking case reported to Kuwaiti authorities, a man appears to have tried selling his wife to his friend for 200 KD

Huge earthquake kills hundreds near Iraq-Iran border

13 November, 2017

A powerful earthquake near the Iraq-Iran border has killed over 300 people with more feared dead, with its effects felt as far away as the UAE.

Iraq set to import Kirkuk oil to Iran

12 November, 2017

Iraq and Iran edge closer to a deal that will see oil exported from oil fields seized from Kurdish Peshmerga forces October.

Saudi embassy in Beirut ‘selling its cars’: local reports

11 November, 2017

The UAE and Kuwait ordered their nationals to leave Lebanon on Friday amid reports that the Saudi embassy in Beirut is selling its vehicles.

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