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Oman and Kuwait go gently into Saudi-Canada dispute

08 August, 2018

Oman became the latest Gulf country to back Saudi Arabia in its diplomatic dispute with Canada, but used carefully guarded words.

Iraq says it will reluctantly abide by Iran sanctions

07 August, 2018

Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has condemned new US sanctions on Iran, but says Baghdad will abide by the embargo.

An 'Arab NATO' against Iran: easier said than done

07 August, 2018

Analysis: The GCC is fractured, Oman has a legacy of neutrality and Qatar is under siege by other Gulf nations. Trump's bid to unite them all against Iran is doomed.

Apple boss Wozniak gets fingers into Saudi pie

07 August, 2018

Comment: Tech giant and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak is rubber stamping the Saudi monarchy's efforts to rehabilitate its global reputation, writes CJ Werleman.

Washington's Lebanese dilemma

06 August, 2018

Comment: Washington could decide to pull the rug out from under Lebanon's economy, leaving Hizballah with an empty shell, writes Robert Springborg.

Pyramids FC: Meet Cairo's new mega-club

06 August, 2018

How can a brand new Egyptian team be in the same spending leagues as AC Milan, Marseille, Porto and a host of Chinese clubs? Meet Pyramids FC...

As drought grips Iraq, eyes turn to Turkey

02 August, 2018

The New Arab meets Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Hassan Al-Janabi, who denounces Turkey's dams as a water crisis grips Iraq’s southern governorates.

What Brazil can tell us about Egypt's civil-military relations

31 July, 2018

Comment: Egypt's military is as politically entrenched as its Brazilian counterpart was during the 'intense repression' period of its military dictatorship, writes Robert Springborg.

Foolish wars have consequences

30 July, 2018

Comment: We can only imagine what the Middle East would be like, if 15 years ago the US hadn't engaged in the foolish war in Iraq, writes James J. Zogby.

Dog-smuggling Kuwaiti couple banned from leaving Sri Lanka

30 July, 2018

A Sri Lankan court impounded the passports of a Kuwaiti couple who tried to smuggle a dog into the country and assaulted five customs officers who tried to stop them.

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