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The UAE has it in for the Muslim Brotherhood

23 February, 2017

The long read: UAE foreign policy has been actively fighting political Islam in all its forms, pitting the Emirates directly against Qatar and Saudi Arabia, writes Marc Cher-Leparrain.

Mogadishu on lockdown for presidential inauguration

22 February, 2017

Roads and businesses close amid looming security threat from al-Shabaab militants, who have vowed to wage war on Somalia's new government.

Iraqi Kurdistan fears Maliki returning to power

20 February, 2017

Analysis: Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's former prime minister, previously said he would use Baghdad's air force against the autonomous northern region, writes Paul Iddon.

Iran's President Rouhani visits Kuwait to soothe Gulf tensions

15 February, 2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited Kuwait on Wednesday, as part of a lightning two-nation tour aimed at mending ties with Gulf neighbours strained by the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

An Iraqi-Kurdish precedent for proposed Syrian 'safe zones'?

14 February, 2017

Analysis: As the proposal of safe zones inside Syria gains traction, Iraq's Kurdistan may provide one such model - though likely to be opposed by Assad and the opposition alike.

Iran's Rouhani on whistle-stop Gulf tour

14 February, 2017

Iranian President Rouhani will visit Oman and Kuwait both in one day in an attempt to build diplomatic bridges.

OPEC delivering on agreed oil output cuts, says Kuwait

13 February, 2017

The OPEC oil cartel has implemented more than 90 percent of its agreed output cuts aimed at curbing a glut on world markets, Kuwait's oil minister said on Monday.

Arab autocrats and Trump: Cut from the same cloth

08 February, 2017

Comment: Of course some Gulf monarchies support Trump's ban, they stand side-by-side with him against the aspirations of the Arab Spring, writes Yousef Khalil.

History being made: This week in Middle East football

08 February, 2017

The beautiful game returns to war-torn Aleppo, as Kuwait welcomed an Iraqi player for the first time in 30 years.

Kuwait expecting $15m delivery of Russian tanks

08 February, 2017

A military arms deal between Moscow and Kuwait will see a $15 million delivery of Russian tanks land in the Gulf state "soon", officials said.

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