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Tunisian tribal row over land sends 78 to hospital

11 June, 2017

Scores of people were injured, one seriously, after tribal clashes erupted over land disputes in the south of Tunisia on Saturday.

Policeman killed in southern Tunisia attack

12 March, 2017

A Tunisian police officer was killed and another was injured in an overnight ambush by four militants in the city of Kebili, 500 kilometers south of the country's capital.

Dates with destiny: Tunisian oasis fights for land

12 October, 2016

Jemna, in southern Tunisia, took control of date farms to drive profits into community development. But the village is now locked in a battle with the government, reports Emma Djilali.

The decline of Tunisia: plummeting revenues; growing insecurity

19 March, 2016

Comment: The Tunisian state is in free-fall with a powerless president, an increased threat of militant groups, economic struggles and dangerous regional upheaval, argues Jean-Pierre Sereni.

Tunisian protests reach the capital

22 January, 2016

The Tunisian government is worried about terrorists taking advantage of the chaos in the country amid fresh demonstrations in several parts of Tunisia over unemployment and poverty.

Tunisia shootout leaves several dead

24 October, 2014

Tunisian security forces kill five women and a man following a 29-hour siege of a suspected "terrorist" hideout.

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