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Finsbury Park attack: Radicalisation isn't exclusive to Islam

21 June, 2017

Comment: After the Finsbury Park attack by a white terrorist, why aren't the British media and political class pouring over how he was 'radicalised'?

Taliban attack on Afghanistan police HQ kills dozens

18 June, 2017

A Taliban suicide bomb and gun attack on Sunday targeted police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan killing at least five officers and wounding 18 other people.

London Bridge, Manchester and Kabul reveal western media bias

08 June, 2017

Comment: Communicating the tragic stories of victims in Afghanistan or Syria would give western audiences the chance to realise the numerous values that bind us all, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

The forgotten state violence victims in Eiffel Tower solidarity

04 June, 2017

As long as we are less likely to show solidarity with victims of state violence, governments would feel as though they are able to instil bloodsheds in homes without accountability.

Lights out for Eiffel Tower in solidarity with London

04 June, 2017

The Paris landmark has been switched off twice already this week in solidarity with victims across the world.

Three explosions hit funeral of Kabul protester, killing dozens

03 June, 2017

Three blasts hit mourners at a cemetery in the Khair Khana district.

Germany suspends deportations after Kabul blast

01 June, 2017

Germany's Interior Ministry says deportation of Afghans whose asylum requests have been rejected has been temporarily suspended in the wake of an attack in Kabul that damaged the German Embassy.

Carnage in Kabul as scores killed in truck bomb

31 May, 2017

At least 80 people have been killed and 320 wounded, but authorities warn the toll could yet rise.

Bomb blast kills Afghanis on first day of Ramadan

27 May, 2017

A huge car bomb has killed at least 18 people in eastern Afghanistan, mostly civilians marking the first day of Ramadan where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Qatar says it's the victim of 'terror smear campaign'

21 May, 2017

Qatar says it's the subject of an 'orchestrated campaign' to tarnish the image of the emirate, following a series of negative articles in the lead-up to Trump's Saudi Arabia visit.

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