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Somalia's 9/11: World, where's the outrage?

18 October, 2017

Somalia witnessed one of the most horrific days in its troubled history on Saturday when a bomb exploded in central Mogadishu killing at least 300 people.

Pakistan army describes freeing US-Canadian couple from Taliban

13 October, 2017

The Pakistani military said the captors of a US-Canadian family held by the Taliban fled on foot after troops shot at their vehicle's tyres.

'New Way Forward' deal puts Afghan refugees in danger

11 October, 2017

The deal allowing the EU to deport an unlimited number of Afghan asylum seekers puts untold numbers of lives at risk, reports Mohammed Harun Arsalai.

Civilian killed in failed attack on Mattis in Kabul

27 September, 2017

Six rockets that were destined for a plane carrying US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to Afghanistan killed at least one civilian and injured four others on Wednesday.

Afghanistan considers arming 20,000 civilians against the Taliban

17 September, 2017

The Afghan government could form a vast paramilitary system by arming 20,000 civilians to defend territories re-captured from the Taliban and Islamic State group.

NATO apologises for offensive Quran leaflet

06 September, 2017

A US commander on Wednesday apologised for leaflets dropped in Afghanistan that were deemed offensive to Islam.

America, not Pakistan is responsible for failings in Afghanistan

30 August, 2017

Comment: The narrative that Pakistan has hampered American efforts to 'rebuild' Afghanistan is a fallacy that American governments are happy to peddle to avoid criticism, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

Scores killed in IS attack on Kabul Shia mosque

25 August, 2017

Twenty people were killed and dozens wounded in a suicide bomb and gun attack claimed by the Islamic State group on a Shia mosque in Kabul during Friday prayers.

US warns Pakistan against Afghan militant support

23 August, 2017

Washington says it wants to work with Pakistan as it expands its own support for Kabul in the battle against the Taliban, but warned it to close militant safe havens.

US airstrike kills senior Afghan IS commanders

13 August, 2017

US military command names the Islamic State group's provincial emir for Kunar province as one of four militant leaders killed on Saturday.

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