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Qatar says it's the victim of 'terror smear campaign'

21 May, 2017

Qatar says it's the subject of an 'orchestrated campaign' to tarnish the image of the emirate, following a series of negative articles in the lead-up to Trump's Saudi Arabia visit.

Suicide bombers storm state broadcaster in Afghanistan

17 May, 2017

Unidentified militants stormed Afghanistan's national television and radio station in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Wednesday, officials and eyewitnesses said, killing two people in the attack.

Malalai Joya: One woman standing against warlords

16 May, 2017

Exclusive interview: Malalai Joya, the former Afghan parliamentarian, tells The New Arab that education is key to empowering the people who need it most.

Afghanistan security to 'deteriorate' in 2018, warns US intelligence

12 May, 2017

The Afghan military will continue to struggle with an emboldened Taliban insurgency, paving the way for more US troops into the country.

Islamic State's Afghanistan 'mastermind leader' killed in targeted raid

08 May, 2017

Abdul Hasib, whose group is affiliated with IS in Iraq and Syria, was reportedly killed last month in a targeted raid by special forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

US defence chief in Afghanistan following Taliban army massacre

24 April, 2017

Afghanistan witnessed another massacre of security forces this week, which saw US defence minister Jim Mattis make a surprise visit to the war-torn country.

Taliban attack kills over 100 on Afghan military base

22 April, 2017

Over 100 military personnel, mainly young recruits, were killed in the deadly Taliban assault on an army base in northern Afghanistan.

Abandoned refugees will eventually leave Greece, legally or illegally

19 April, 2017

A tale of two camps: Refugees in Greece face dramatically different experiences, depending on which camp they end up in, reports Katja Lihtenvalner.

A Sino-Russian love-hate affair

18 April, 2017

Comment: The China-Russia alliance could yet cement, but Putin would have to accept the role of junior partner, with China being the dominant player, writes Naveed Ahmad.

Victims of US drone strikes in Afghanistan remain anonymous

11 April, 2017

Comment: Unlike in Iraq and Syria, casualties resulting from US airstrikes often go unreported, leaving the victims anonymous, and numbers unknown, writes Emran Feroz.

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