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Regime forces block food to refugee camp

07 August, 2018

The Syrian regime has blocked food and aid from reaching a refugee camp in south Syria.

Ahmedinejad and Melania unlikely allies in Trump-Lebron spat

06 August, 2018

King James or His Airness? "I love all athletes" boasts Iran's ex-PM as he joins chorus of popular uproar against Trump's Twitter diatribe.

Syrian regime creates committee to repatriate refugees

06 August, 2018

Despite proposals to return millions of displaced Syrians, many fear detention and even death under Assad's brutal regime.

US takes aim at UN Palestinian refugee agency, again

06 August, 2018

The UNRWA has been a regular target of Israel and the Trump administration.

Russia 'seeking US help' to rebuild war-torn Syria

04 August, 2018

Russia has pressed the United States to aid in the reconstruction of war-torn Syria, according to a US government memo.

Kushner 'pressured Jordan' to strip Palestinians of refugee status

04 August, 2018

US President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly pressured Jordan to strip more than two million Palestinians of their refugee status.

Erbil's Christians decry 'discriminatory and exploitative' Kurdish business regulation

02 August, 2018

Assyrian businesses in Iraqi Kurdistan are facing 'discriminatory' taxes, with community leaders denouncing a history of 'anti-Christian policies' in the tribal region, reports Adam Lucente.

Jordan kills IS militants who tried to breach border

02 August, 2018

The Jordanian army on Thursday said it had killed a number of Islamic State group militants who tried to approach its northern border with Syria.

Netanyahu warns Iran over Red Sea waterway

02 August, 2018

Netanyahu has warned Iran it would join military action to stop it blocking a key seaway after Yemen's Iranian-aligned Houthi rebels attacked two Saudi oil tankers.

IS jihadists cornered in pocket of south Syria: monitor

31 July, 2018

IS used the release of 30 Druze women and children it kidnapped last week as a bargaining chip to get themselves out of a pocket of Syria's Daraa on Tuesday.

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