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Assad's forces suffer losses in rebel-held southern Syria

05 May, 2018

At least five regime soldiers were killed in clashes with opposition forces as they tried to advance into rebel-held Daraa.

Iraq speaker seeks pardon for Saddam's defence minister

04 May, 2018

Authorities in Iraq have been urged to pardon the former defence minister of dictator Saddam Hussein on health grounds, the speaker of Iraq's parliament said on Thursday.

British ambassador to Israel filmed at Gaza border protests

02 May, 2018

A militant propaganda video filming Israeli forces at the border revealed an unreported trip taken by the British ambassador to Israel, allegedly concerned by the use of violence against protesters.

Middle East's economic growth will not curb unemployment: IMF

02 May, 2018

Deeper reforms must be made to curb high unemployment rates in the Middle East, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday.

Japan PM pledges not to move embassy to Jerusalem

01 May, 2018

Japan's Abe told Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas his country will not follow the United States' embassy move.

Building militaries in fragile states: Comparing US and Iran

30 April, 2018

Comment: In comparison to Iran's remarkably successful record of building militaries and their associated states, the US has little to show, writes Robert Springborg.

Pompeo and the P-word: Undoing decades of Palestine diplomacy

30 April, 2018

Blog: During his Middle East trip, newly appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met no Palestinian officials despite rising tensions with Israel.

Interview: Muslim Aid's Madiha Raza

30 April, 2018

The New Arab Meets: British aid worker Madiha Raza tells of the perks and perils of her work, including the shock of waking up to the US-led airstrikes in Damascus.

Japan's Abe in the UAE to boost ties

30 April, 2018

The Japanese leader was in Abu Dhabi for the first leg of his Middle East tour, bringing 27 Japanese companies with him for a business forum intent on strengthening ties.

Japan chairs 'rare' Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli meeting

30 April, 2018

The Japanese foreign minister gathered Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli officials in a rare move for negotiations between the three countries.

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