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Trump's pro-Israel "superhawk" security aide to visit Tel Aviv

15 August, 2018

Washington's National Security Advisor and pro-Israel "superhawk" John Bolton is set to visit Israel for discussions next week, the White House said on Tuesday.

American Islam scholar Reza Aslan detained by Israel intelligence

14 August, 2018

American author Reza Aslan said he was detained for hours at the Israel border and separated from his family.

Syria says deal struck with Jordan to return refugees

14 August, 2018

Syrian media have reported that Damascus and Amman have struck a deal to return refugees back home to Syria.

Tunisian leader vows to enshrine inheritance equality in law

13 August, 2018

Tunisia's President vowed to submit a bill to parliament 'as soon as possible' to grant women equal inheritance rights, despite protests from hardliners

Militants responsible for Jordan attack 'share IS ideology'

13 August, 2018

Jordan's interior minister said that those responsible for the latest attacks on police officers supported the extremist Islamic State group.

Dead Sea shrinking metre a year, following Israeli mining

13 August, 2018

The Israeli government is seeking to re-tender the mining rights in the Dead Sea amid warnings the natural wonder is shrinking a metre a year.

Israel 'asked US not to cut UNRWA funding'

13 August, 2018

Israel asked the US not to slash funding to the UN body for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, to prevent angry protests and unrest in Gaza

Jordan kills three, arrests five others in 'terror raid'

12 August, 2018

Three militants were killed, five others arrested after a shootout on Saturday left three members of Jordan's security forces dead, a day after an officer died in a bomb blast.

3 Jordan policemen killed in storming of militant hideout

11 August, 2018

Gunmen killed three members of Jordan's security forces in a shootout on Saturday during a raid on a "terrorist" cell a day after an officer died in a bomb blast.

Thousands of conservative Muslims protest Tunisia gender equality report

11 August, 2018

Conservative Muslims in Tunisia have continued demonstrations in the country's capital against gender equality and LGBT reforms.

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