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Druze leader denies reports of Israeli military meeting

27 August, 2018

A Druze leader has denied reports that a delegation met with the IDF to request support in the war-torn country.

The unreported fate of Syria's remaining White Helmets

24 August, 2018

Comment: Coverage of those White Helmets who were evacuated has obscured the fact that many more remain stranded, living in fear of Assad, writes Loubna Mrie.

UNRWA chief says Palestinian refugees can't be 'wished away'

24 August, 2018

In January, the US, the largest donor to the agency, slashed some $300 million from its annual contribution to UNRWA, prompting an unprecedented financial crisis.

Nuclear energy: Necessity or geopolitical status symbol?

22 August, 2018

Despite political and security issues in the region and potential environmental hazards, many Arab states are rapidly moving towards nuclear energy expansion, writes Stasa Salacanin.

Premier League taking action against Saudi's Arabsat over piracy

22 August, 2018

The Premier League is to take legal action against those involved in a piracy operation to illegally broadcast football matches in Saudi Arabia, in which it implicates the kingdom itself.

Banned in Palestine: This week in Middle East football

22 August, 2018

Palestinian FA President Jibril Rajoub's ban by FIFA has cast a shadow over the new season in the occupied territories.

US-led coalition member killed in Iraq aircraft crash

20 August, 2018

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Postal chaos as Israel releases eight years of mail

16 August, 2018

Israel releases a backlog of 10.5 tonnes of blocked mail to Palestinians from as far back as 2010, noting it is a one-time 'gesture'.

'Arab NATO would be a disaster for democracy

16 August, 2018

Comment: An 'Arab NATO' would represent the final nail in the coffin for the region's wave of Arab revolutions, writes Sam Hamad.

UNRWA schools to open on time despite US freeze

16 August, 2018

UNRWA was set up after the 1948 war that accompanied the creation of Israel, during which more than 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes.

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