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Netanyahu: When it comes to Israel, might is right

31 August, 2018

Netanyahu issued a disturbing warning to the country's regional rivals on Thursday, declaring that the Israeli state has the means to destroy them.

Philippines' Duterte eyes arms deals on Israel trip

31 August, 2018

Israel is among the world's top arms dealers, with nearly 60 percent of its defence exports going to the Asia Pacific region, according to Israeli defence ministry data.

Jordan to host UN fundraiser for Palestinian refugee agency

30 August, 2018

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the meeting, set for September 27 on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, "aims to provide financial and political support to UNRWA".

Immigrants don't need to integrate, you do

29 August, 2018

Comment: Integration - an already problematic concept that should be abandoned in favour of acceptance - is a myth, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

Trump to 'end all funding' for Palestinian refugees

29 August, 2018

The decision was reportedly made at a meeting earlier this month between President Donald Trump's advisor Jared Kushner and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

UN to host meeting on new Syrian constitution

28 August, 2018

The UN peace envoy for Syria will host senior officials from a range of Western and Middle-Eastern countries next month for talks on drafting a new Syrian constitution.

Netanyahu: "Normalisation" with Arab states can lead to peace

27 August, 2018

Netanyahu said he sees the path to peace with Palestinians through Israeli ties with Arab states.

Jordan says can't host more Syrian refugees

27 August, 2018

Jordan's Foreign Minister said the country had "exceeded its capacity" to host any more refugees from Syria.

Druze leader denies reports of Israeli military meeting

27 August, 2018

A Druze leader has denied reports that a delegation met with the IDF to request support in the war-torn country.

The unreported fate of Syria's remaining White Helmets

24 August, 2018

Comment: Coverage of those White Helmets who were evacuated has obscured the fact that many more remain stranded, living in fear of Assad, writes Loubna Mrie.

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