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Netanyahu lauds US funding halt to UN Palestinian agency

02 September, 2018

The Israeli prime minister on Sunday lauded the US decision to halt funding for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, arguing the body perpetuates the problem instead of solving it.

Israeli minister hails US ending aid for Palestinian refugees

02 September, 2018

Israeli intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz on Saturday praised the halt of US funding for the UN relief and works agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees.

EU urges US to reconsider 'regrettable' decision on UNRWA

01 September, 2018

The EU stressed the importance of continued international support for UNWRA which runs schools for hundreds of Palestinian children across the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Palestinian anger as US ends funding for UN agency

01 September, 2018

Palestinians reacted angrily on Saturday to a US decision to end all funding for the UN agency that assists three million needy refugees.

Germany to increase UNRWA funding following US aid cuts

01 September, 2018

The German government has pledged to significantly increase its funding for the UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees, after the United States announced it will cut aid.

US ends funding for UN Palestinian refugee agency

01 September, 2018

The United States is ending its decades of funding for the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees, the State Department announced on Friday.

Netanyahu: When it comes to Israel, might is right

31 August, 2018

Netanyahu issued a disturbing warning to the country's regional rivals on Thursday, declaring that the Israeli state has the means to destroy them.

Philippines' Duterte eyes arms deals on Israel trip

31 August, 2018

Israel is among the world's top arms dealers, with nearly 60 percent of its defence exports going to the Asia Pacific region, according to Israeli defence ministry data.

Jordan to host UN fundraiser for Palestinian refugee agency

30 August, 2018

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the meeting, set for September 27 on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, "aims to provide financial and political support to UNRWA".

Immigrants don't need to integrate, you do

29 August, 2018

Comment: Integration - an already problematic concept that should be abandoned in favour of acceptance - is a myth, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

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