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Hundreds of Syrian refugees return home from Lebanon

29 July, 2018

A Russian initiative aims to return some 890,000 Syrians from Lebanon, despite alarm from refugees who fear detention and even death on arrival

Iraq to try election officials over fraud: judiciary

28 July, 2018

Iraq will put on trial five election officials in connection with fraud, including vote buying, during the country's May legislative elections, a judicial official said on Saturday.

Russia urges world powers to support Syria reconstruction aid

28 July, 2018

Russian Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky called for global assistance to help Syria's economic recovery and the return of refugees on Friday.

'Arab NATO': Trump pursuing regional alliance to confront Iran

28 July, 2018

Washington is reviving plans to develop a pan-Arab military force to counter growing Iranian influence, which may also be a step to GCC reconciliation.

Who's who in Syria?

27 July, 2018

In-depth: The chaotic situation in Syria has seen the creation of many militias and the militarisation of many political parties. We have compiled a list of the most important actors.

Some Syrian refugees oppose Russian repatriation push

26 July, 2018

Many Syrians who fled war and repression are unwilling to return under Assad’s rule without guarantees they won’t be harassed, detained or imprisoned.

Syria regime 'raises flag' on frontier with Israel-occupied Golan

26 July, 2018

The Assad regime has been fighting for over a month to capture the country's south, which borders both the Israeli-occupied Golan and Jordan.

Plans to repatriate Syrians are futile while Assad remains

25 July, 2018

Comment: Repatriating over 12 million refugees and internally displaced people cannot be done on a whim, writes Imad K. Harb.

UNRWA says to axe 250 jobs after US cuts

25 July, 2018

In total, 154 employees in the occupied West Bank and 113 in the Gaza Strip will be let go

US blasts Arabs for 'not doing enough for Palestinians'

24 July, 2018

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed Middle Eastern countries for not doing enough to help Palestinians.

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