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Jordan to 'revoke citizenship' of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas

26 April, 2018

Around thirty top Palestinian officials are slated to lose their citizenship, including president Mahmoud Abbas, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and ex-Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei.

Tears and trophies: This week in Middle East football

25 April, 2018

Football clubs in the Middle East are winding down after a grueling 2017-18 campaign, with some surprise teams among the familiar names lifting regional league trophies.

Rebels dig in for Assad offensive in Syria's Daraa

25 April, 2018

A regime victory in Daraa would carry symbolic weight - it was the cradle of Syria's seven-year uprising against Assad's rule.

US rules in favour of Arab Bank against Israel

25 April, 2018

The US Supreme Court ruled that victims of attacks in Israel cannot use an 18th century law to sue the Arab Bank, in a precedent-setting case for other foreign businesses.

Jordan criticised for gender discrimination with nationality rules

25 April, 2018

Human Rights Watch has criticised Jordan's gender biased nationality laws that discriminate against women.

Israel will not make it to 100

23 April, 2018

Comment: Israel has historically enjoyed the bipartisan support of the US, but sympathies are changing and the era of unconditional political support is coming to an end, writes CJ Werleman.

'The only solution to the Nakba is return'

23 April, 2018

In-depth: The bloody legacy of Israel's creation continues to be felt by refugee families, writes Jaclynn Ashly.

Jordan court bans ride-sharing app Careem

22 April, 2018

Ride-sharing app Careem has been banned in Jordan by a West Amman court, with taxi drivers rejoicing but customers less than happy.

Jordan MP, family killed in Desert Highway road crash

22 April, 2018

MP Mohammad Amamreh and several relatives died late on Saturday on Jordan's dangerous Desert Highway, often described as "the road of death".

Baldivieso the Bolivian: This week in Middle East football

18 April, 2018

Just when you thought Palestinian football couldn't get more complicated, enter the national team's new Bolivian manager, Julio Baldivieso, who has created a whirlwind during his first months in charge.

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