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Israel slammed for 'revisionist' Jerusalem Day celebrations

25 May, 2017

Thousands of right-wing Israelis marched through East Jerusalem's Palestinian-majority Old City on Wednesday to commemorate Jerusalem Day, a celebration of the city's capture, and subsequent annexation, in 1967.

Jordan 'hits limit' hosting Syrian refugees

25 May, 2017

Jordan has reached the limit of its capacity to cope with the burden of hosting Syrian refugees, Planning Minister Imad al-Fakhoury said in a statement.

‘Taken far too soon’: Victims of the Manchester attack

24 May, 2017

As Manchester reacted to Monday night's devastating terrorist attack with solidarity and compassion, friends and family mourned the victims, paying homage to relatives whose lives were tragically cut short.

'I just want to go home to my village'

23 May, 2017

In-depth: Palestinians displaced from their homes in 1948 remember life before the state of Israel.

Turkey opens orphanage complex for thousands of Syrians

19 May, 2017

The project, which started in July 2015 with the help of the Turkish government, has three schools, a mosque, a health clinic, playgrounds and a cultural centre

Sudan's Bashir to skip Trump-Muslim summit

19 May, 2017

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will not join an Islamic summit in Saudi Arabia with US President Donald Trump for "personal reasons."

Jordanian tribal sheikhs meet with Israel's president

18 May, 2017

Bedouin leaders from the kingdom of Jordan ignore the occupation and travel around Israel, meeting with the president in occupied Jerusalem

Sudan's wanted president Bashir to attend Saudi Trump summit

17 May, 2017

Any direct contact between Trump and Bashir would be a diplomatic disaster, with outstanding ICC arrest warrants for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity hanging over the Sudanese leader.

Top US diplomat retires from Trump administration

17 May, 2017

Middle East specialist Stuart Jones told colleagues the decision was his own and that he had not been pressured to leave, nor was he fired.

Jordan and Israel fall out over deadly Jerusalem shooting

16 May, 2017

An Israeli Cabinet minister called off a long-planned visit to Jordan on Tuesday for a joint scientific venture following a spat between the countries over a deadly shooting in Jerusalem.

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