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Iran blames Iraq for sandstorm that crippled power grid

21 February, 2017

Authorities in Iran blamed Iraq on Monday for a sandstorm that crippled its power grid in an oil-rich southern province, sparking protests against local officials.

East Libya: Women banned from travelling without male guardian

20 February, 2017

Libya's Tobruk-based government has issued a controversial travel ban prohibiting women under 60 from leave the country alone, citing "security concerns".

Israel 'rejected' secret peace deal with Arab states

19 February, 2017

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly turned down an offer from former US Secretary of State John Kerry to make peace with Arab states in return for some concessions to Palestinians.

Iran beats US in wrestling cup final

18 February, 2017

As the US and Iran wrangle over sanctions and missile tests, their athletes grappled in the ring on Friday in wrestling's Freestyle World Cup final, with the Iranians emerging victorious.

An equal-rights bi-national one-state solution is the only solution

17 February, 2017

Comment: Did Trump just kill off the two-state solution? The time has come for a single-state, with equal rights for all, before Israel creates one without Palestinians, writes Sophia Akram.

Trump wants Israel, Arabs to buddy up against Iran

17 February, 2017

Washington is pushing for a new military coalition of Sunni Arab nations, involving intelligence sharing with Israel, in a move against the growing regional presence of Iran.

Sonny Bill Williams: Kiwi rugby-star a 'hardout' influential Muslim

16 February, 2017

A rugby star from New Zealand has been named among 2017's most influential Muslims around the world.

Syria: regime, rebels battle for Jordan-border ahead of talks

16 February, 2017

As regime and rebel representatives sit down for peace talks in Astana, the Syrian army and allies are engaged in brutal and deadly warfare, causing dozens of deaths in Daraa.

Clash of titans: This week in Middle East football

15 February, 2017

The capitals of Iraq and Iran were both ignited by two local derbies, which brought more than just football to stadiums packed with tens of thousands of raucous fans.

Trump's rambling, nonsensical Netanyahu press conference leaves many bewildered

15 February, 2017

Blog: Does Donald Trump want an end to illegal Israeli settlements? Does he condemn anti-Semitism? Does he have the faintest idea of what's going on?

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