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Syria troops capture Christian town recently taken by IS

22 October, 2017

Syrian government forces and their allies regained control on Saturday of a predominantly Christian central town that sleeper cells of the Islamic State group captured late last month.

Israel strikes Syria after mortar shell lands in Golan

20 October, 2017

Israel responded with tank fire into Syria on Thursday after a Syrian mortar shell landed in the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights, the army said.

Mysterious 'ancient stone gates' discovered in Saudi volcano field

19 October, 2017

Archaeologists left puzzled about the origin and purpose of strange structures spotted in the Harrat Khaybar volcano field.

Shia militias and Peshmerga downplayed Kirkuk tensions before conflict

17 October, 2017

Analysis: The Popular Mobilisation Forces and Kurdish leaders said they did not want to see violence, writes Adam Lucente.

Jordanian wrestler becomes first Arab woman to join WWE

16 October, 2017

Jordanian TV presenter Shadia Bseiso has become the first Arab woman from the Middle East to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The mental trauma of Iraq's displaced

16 October, 2017

In-depth: As the Islamic State group faces defeat in Iraq, the mental scars of their brutality remain carved into Iraqis who suffered under the self-styled 'caliphate', reports Laura Cappon.

Back to earth: This week in Middle East football

16 October, 2017

Syria's national team stars return to club action, but continue to shine - with some attracting attention from bigger teams abroad, despite losing to Australia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Workplace sexual abuse: Address the problem, not the symptoms

11 October, 2017

Comment: For many women, the issue of abuse in the workplace strengthens the argument they require special treatment and protection, rather than addressing abusers and their behaviour, writes Amal Awad.

Riyadh to award contracts for its first-ever nuclear reactors

11 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia says construction contracts for the kingdom's first-ever nuclear reactors will be signed by the end of 2018.

Palestine thrash Bhutan 10-0, in historic football performance

11 October, 2017

Palestine played Bhutan in a ten goal thriller near Hebron, which saw all the balls going into the away team's net securing a historic victory.

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