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Results from 1 to 10 out of 486 about "Islamophobia"

#StGeorgesDay: The historic saint of England helping refugees today

23 April, 2018

Thousands of people use St. George’s Day to remind the English of the spirit of multiculturalism in honour of the 'immigrant' St George, at a time of rising anti-refugee sentiments.

'State of emergency' erodes France and Tunisia's civil liberties

18 April, 2018

Comment: The state of emergency declared by the French and Tunisian governments has led to increasing infringements of civil liberties, but civil society is fighting back, writes Cyril Lemba.

Students not suspects: Prevent on campus

13 April, 2018

Comment: The Prevent policy disproportionately targets dissenting students, people of colour and Muslims, writes Malia Bouattia.

Muslim nurse stabbed in Texas roadside attack

09 April, 2018

Police in Texas announced a reward after a 25-year-old Muslim woman was stabbed by a white man, in what has been described as an Islamophobic attack.

Uniting against #PunishAMuslimDay: A year-round challenge

06 April, 2018

Comment: The issue of Islamophobia is structural; embedded in the UK's foreign and domestic policy, writes Malia Bouattia.

UK Muslims stand together after vile #PunishAMuslimDay attempt

03 April, 2018

While some Muslims have brushed it off as a mere joke, others awoke on 'Punish a Muslim Day' on Tuesday with genuine fears, calling on fellow Muslims to remain vigilant.

Inauspicious anniversaries and lessons unlearned

02 April, 2018

Comment: Since, 9/11, the Iraq War and the Arab Spring, Washington has failed to reset its relations with the Middle East, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Holy week hypocrisy, Canadian style

02 April, 2018

Comment: Religious leaders in Canada are right to speak out against hate crimes at home, but their double standards when it comes to Israel/Palestine are unacceptable, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Young Muslim woman attacked in US hospital

31 March, 2018

A man has been arrested and charged with assault for punching the head of hijab-wearing Muslim woman in an unprovoked attack, local reports said on Friday.

Macron sees new vision of Islam with female imam

27 March, 2018

France's president on Monday met with Sherin Khankan, Denmark's first female imam, to discuss the future of Islam in Europe amid a push by Paris for more religious understanding.

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