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Europeans risk being 'unsafe' in streets, warns Erdogan

22 March, 2017

Europeans across the world will not be able to walk the streets safely if they keep up their current attitude towards Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Wednesday.

Anne Coulter suggests Middle East refugees are compulsive rapists

19 March, 2017

American right-wing personality and Trump supporter has suggested Middle Eastern -- i.e. Arab and/or Muslim -- migrants and refugees cannot stop themselves from raping Western women

Pope Francis to visit Egypt on April 28-29: Vatican

18 March, 2017

Pope Francis will visit Cairo on April 28-29, the Vatican said on Saturday.

Have more babies, Erdogan tells Turks in Europe

17 March, 2017

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged Turks resident in Europe to have five children, telling the millions strong diaspora community "you are Europe's future."

Linda Sarsour: The Muslim woman fighting for all Americans

14 March, 2017

Society: The Palestinian Brooklynite is in a daily battle for the civil rights of all around her, writes Daoud Kuttab.

Trump's Muslim ban may just be the first step

10 March, 2017

Comment: If this xenophobic, Islamophobic, nationalistic decree gains judicial consent, do you really think Trump's going to stop there?

Muhammad Ali Jr joins punch-back against Trump Muslim ban

10 March, 2017

The son of the late boxing icon Muhammad Ali, who claims he was detained by US officals last month because he is Muslim, joins fight against President Trump's immigration policies.

Inside Douma: A desperate portrait of life in Syria

06 March, 2017

Exclusive: A city of amputees, back-street abortions and chemical weapons-massacres is also a city of survivors, and their hope, reports Ben Jacobs.

Another racist shooting in US, following attack on Sikh

05 March, 2017

Police are hunting a suspect in the shooting of a Sikh man who was told to 'go back' to 'his country' before the attacker puller the trigger.

'Do you beat your wife?' Lawmaker distributes Islamophobic questionnaire

05 March, 2017

An Oklahoma representative demanded student constituents answer an Islamophobic questionnaire written by a hate group before he would meet with them.

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