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Suspect in court over 'Punish a Muslim Day' letter

15 June, 2018

Anonymous letters encouraging points-scoring attacks against Muslims were sent to addresses around the UK.

Promoting Islamophobia in America

13 June, 2018

Comment: In today's America, disparaging Islam is acceptable in ways that disparaging other religions is not, writes Arnold Isaacs.

Ethnicity vs religion: What does being a Muslim mean?

11 June, 2018

Comment: In western Europe and the US, 'Muslim' is often used as a marker of ethnic origin, rather than of religion, writes Khaled Diab.

Alleged 'FBI torturer' invited to UK parliament

08 June, 2018

A Britain-based advocacy group has slammed an invitation extended to an alleged FBI torturer to speak in the House of Lords.

Turkey slams 'racist', 'anti-Islam' Austria following mosque closures

08 June, 2018

Turkey's presidential spokesperson has fired back at Austria over the closure of Turkish-linked mosques, and potential deportation of dozens of Muslim imams.

Denmark's burqa ban: A lurch towards secular extremism

06 June, 2018

Comment: Denmark is the latest European country to have exploited fears over refugees and terrorism for right-wing political gain, writes CJ Werleman.

Conservative Muslim Forum says party failing to tackle Islamophobia

06 June, 2018

The CMF is the latest to join calls for an independent investigation into Islamophobia within the Conservative Party.

'Hypocrite' Trump to host White House Ramadan iftar

03 June, 2018

US President Donald Trump faced backlash from Muslims for his 'hypocricy' after deciding to host the annual White House iftar.

Daring to be a visibly Muslim woman in France

31 May, 2018

Comment: Pougetoux represents so-far elusive popular alliance that could transform politics in France for the better, writes Malia Bouattia.

Muslim Council of Britain slams Conservatives' 'weekly Islamophobia'

31 May, 2018

The Muslim Council of Britain is calling on the Conservative Party to launch an inquiry after Islamophobic comments from some members.

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