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France's Charlie Hebdo publishes provocative Islam cartoon

23 August, 2017

The latest cover from French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has caused a social media storm and fears it could fuel Islamophobia over its depiction of the Spain attacks.

International Islamophobia calls for a global grassroots resistance

22 August, 2017

Comment: Our strength in opposing international state-led Islamophobia lies in forging transnational networks, writes Malia Bouattia.

White supremacists drowned out in Vancouver by counter-protest

22 August, 2017

Society: Anti-racism campaigners vastly outnumbered far-right activists in Vancouver this weekend, reports Hadani Ditmars.

Muslim trolled for 'not being killed' in Barcelona attack

21 August, 2017

A British-Muslim lawyer has found himself on the end of a campaign of abuse on social media after coming within a whisker of a deadly IS attack in Barcelona.

Trump on Charlottesville was too little too late

15 August, 2017

Comment: Even with empty gestures condemning white supremacy, these groups feel emboldened. For Muslims and other minorities, the damage has already been done, writes Dan Arel.

Our 'Muslim Problem' is not what Kavanagh might think

15 August, 2017

Comment: Twenty years after 'Islamophobia' became a common term, we're just as far from overcoming it as ever, writes Shenaz Bunglawala.

Islamophobes are angry about this teenage girl's painting

12 August, 2017

The painting has made it to the finals and is now hanging proudly in the office of congressman J. Luis Correa

Inside the counter-extremism programme that is preventing terrorism

08 August, 2017

In-depth: Has a city in Denmark cracked the puzzle of fighting terrorism?

More than $90,000 raised after Minnesota mosque 'terror' bombing

08 August, 2017

The director of a US mosque that was targeted with a bomb during morning prayers early on Saturday has applauded the local community for their response to the attack.

Anti-Islamophobia bill stalls in US Congress

07 August, 2017

In-depth: Legislation that would ensure a foreigner could not be denied admission to the US because of their religion has failed to get off the ground, reports Aaron Magid.

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