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Raqqa: Civilians under fire with no access to healthcare

23 March, 2017

It is currently impossible for a civilian to be admitted into a hospital in the Raqqa region, local media activists report as the WHO warns of Syria's failing healthcare system.

The atrocities against civilians that coincided with London's attack

22 March, 2017

A selection of news stories from across the Muslim world that coincided with the London terrorist attack - where civilians were affected in similar ways.

Is Iraqi national identity dying?

22 March, 2017

In-depth: Theirs is a country plagued by divisions, sectarianism and violence - yet there is much which unites Iraqis, reports Paul Iddon.

US, Russia reject Turkish attempts to sideline Syrian Kurds

22 March, 2017

Analysis: A confrontation between Turkey and Kurdish fighters could affect the operation to retake Raqqa from the Islamic State group, writes Paul Iddon.

US support Syrian rebel-Kurdish assault on IS-held dam

22 March, 2017

The Pentagon confirmed that US artillery is supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces in an operation to capture the strategic Tabqa dam near Syria's Raqqa.

Iraq and Trump: The first two months

22 March, 2017

Comment: Just two months after Trump's inauguration, significant damage has already been done to American-Iraqi relations, despite amendments to the travel ban, writes Ibrahim Al-Marashi.

Iraq urged not to 'hurry' mass grave exhumations

22 March, 2017

Human Rights Watch have urged Iraqi authorities not to carry out hurried or ad hoc exhumations of mass graves left by IS militants, as this makes identifying victims more difficult.

Hamas seeks to rebrand itself in new political programme

22 March, 2017

Palestinian faction Hamas has ruled Gaza for the past decade, and is now drafting a new political programme it hopes will improve ties with Egypt and the West.

German-born 'terror suspects' to be deported

22 March, 2017

Germany said it will deport two men arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack, despite the fact that they were both born in the country, officials said on Tuesday.

US-led coalition jets bomb Syrian school housing refugee families

22 March, 2017

Another US-led coalition air raid has led to huge civilian casualties, amid fears that Donald Trump's plan to defeat IS will lead to many more deaths.

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