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Lebanon army 'in final stage of IS border battle'

22 August, 2017

The Lebanese army says it is in the final stages of a battle to clear IS militants from a mountainous region on the border with Syria.

The demise of Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria

22 August, 2017

Comment: Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria deteriorated as a result of foreign interests and the regime's war tactics, writes Loubna Mrie.

Two million displaced Iraqis return to 'liberated homes'

22 August, 2017

Residents of cities and villages that were captured by the Islamic State since 2014 have returned home following Iraq's operations against the militants, the government said.

Iraq 'must do more' for IS sex abuse victims

22 August, 2017

Iraq must ensure that women and girls subjected to sexual violence at the hands of IS militants have access to justice and reparations, UN investigators said on Tuesday.

White supremacists drowned out in Vancouver by counter-protest

22 August, 2017

Society: Anti-racism campaigners vastly outnumbered far-right activists in Vancouver this weekend, reports Hadani Ditmars.

'Sadr's Gulf visit indicates Iran's weakening grasp on Baghdad'

22 August, 2017

Muqtada al-Sadr's visit to the Gulf region last month indicates a change in Iraq's relations with its neighbours, analysts suggest.

Russia intensifies airstrikes on IS-stronghold Deir az-Zour

22 August, 2017

Russia has upped its air campaign in Syria to help President Bashar Assad's forces drive IS militants from their stronghold in Deir az-Zour.

US Defence Secretary in Iraq as anti-IS forces advance

22 August, 2017

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Iraq to discuss strategy just days after Baghdad launched its assault on the Islamic State group's urban stronghold of Tal Afar.

Dozens dead in US-led Raqqa strikes, as peace-talks delayed

22 August, 2017

At least 42 civilians died on Monday as a result of US-led air strikes on Syria's IS-held stronghold of Raqqa, a monitor said, as Russia delays peace talks until September.

Trump set to outline new US strategy for Afghanistan

21 August, 2017

President Donald Trump is set to outline the Washington's latest strategy on Afghanistan following months of deliberation and policy review.

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