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IS driven out of Syria's Idlib after 'regime-enabled' incursion

11 December, 2017

IS have been driven out of Idlib province, days after making an incursion into the region bordering Turkey, but activists claim the regime is assisting IS against rebel groups there.

Islamic State re-enters Syria's Idlib after clashes

09 December, 2017

After several days of clashes, IS recaptures villages in Syria's Idlib province, four years after they were first expelled, as Russian airstrikes in the province continue.

Erdogan 'open to working with Assad' against Syrian-Kurds

08 December, 2017

Analysis: Continued US support for Kurds on the other side of the Turkish border will likely push Ankara to deal with Damascus, writes Paul Iddon.

Suspension of UK aid set to benefit Syrian extremists

04 December, 2017

The Free Syrian Police programme's administrators say the UK government's decision to suspend funding over a contentious BBC documentary will benefit extremist groups.

An endgame in Syria?

29 November, 2017

Comment: Syrians' suffering will continue whether or not Assad is declared the victor, writes James Snell.

Will the thousands of foreign troops in Syria leave?

28 November, 2017

Syria's brutal war may be slowly winding down, but the country is awash in weapons and thousands of foreign forces – some of whom may never leave.

Eastern Ghouta: A ghetto of hunger and fear

24 November, 2017

Comment: Despite the brutal reality of life under siege, Abdelmalik remains resolutely opposed to the kind of sectarianism upon which Assad has thrived, writes Sam Hamad.

More than 13 million Syrians in need of aid

22 November, 2017

The UN said 40 percent of the needy were children, adding that people in besieged or so-called "hard-to-reach" areas were particularly vulnerable.

Turkish troops, Kurdish militia clash in Idlib

21 November, 2017

Kurdish militia fighters, YPG, fired five mortars at an observation post in Idlib staffed by Turkish troops to which the Turkish army fired back at the YPG

Erdogan says Kurd-held Afrin must be cleared of 'terrorists'

17 November, 2017

Turkey's President Erdogan on Friday said the Syrian town of Afrin, held by a US-backed Kurdish militia, had to be cleared of "terrorists".

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