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Turkey, Russia to deploy forces in Syria's Idlib

23 June, 2017

Turkish and Russian forces will be deployed in Syria’s Idlib region as part of a 'de-escalation' agreement brokered by Russia, Turkey’s presidential spokesperson said on Thursday.

Saudi cleric escapes 'assassination attempt' in rebel-controlled Syria

17 June, 2017

Syrian-based Abdullah al-Muhaysini says he escaped an assassination plot after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives next to the Saudi cleric's car.

Syria's prisoners: Absent but never forgotten

14 June, 2017

Comment: Syria's prisons are filled with those who rose up peacefully to call for freedom, democracy and social justice, writes Leila Al-Shami.

Syrian regime uses napalm in Daraa offensive

13 June, 2017

Footage showing barrel bombs dropped on densely packed areas of Daraa in southern Syria have emerged, with huge fires breaking out following the use of napalm.

'Marshall Plan' for Syria unlikely, warns top aid chief

03 June, 2017

The Red Cross' chief says his group are working to restore infrastructure in areas recently captured by Syria's regime, however a 'Marshall Plan'-style reconstruction programme remains elusive.

Syrian hospital saves lives by going solar

31 May, 2017

A northern Syria hospital now has uninterrupted electricity for the first time in years after launching a new solar power project.

Syrian government 'using suffering as a war tactic'

31 May, 2017

The UN humanitarian chief says thousands of Syrians in at least 10 communities are facing suffering as the regime denies aid to the needy and pushes people in besieged cities.

Last Homs residents leave 'heart of the Syrian revolution'

20 May, 2017

Besieged al-Waer stood as the Syrian rebel's last stronghold in Homs through six years of war. Today, the last fighters and families leave their homes behind.

The poisonous 'peace process' is an insult to Syrians

17 May, 2017

Comment: Geneva is irrelevant because it presupposes that Assad wants peace, while the rebels know that every aspect of his regime is geared towards extermination, writes Sam Hamad.

Syrian regime close to seizing rebel-held Qaboun

14 May, 2017

Rebels and their family members are trapped in a square kilometre zone in Qaboun as regime forces continue to dislodge opposition groups from their Damascus foothold.

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