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Trump's Syria 'action' is a triumph for Assad

18 April, 2018

Comment: The coalition's attack on Assad's chemical weapons bases demonstrates they have no intention whatsoever of making a meaningful intervention in Syria, writes Sam Hamad.

Syrian-Palestinian offensive to oust IS from capital 'within days'

18 April, 2018

Syrian regime and allied Palestinian fighters are pressuring Islamic State fighters to evacuate the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus, or face an all-out military offensive.

Bigger, not better: Assessing Trump's latest bombing of Syria

17 April, 2018

Analysis: If past strikes are anything to go by, this latest round of missiles is unlikely to deter Assad from gassing his people again in the future, writes Paul Iddon.

France earmarks 50 million euros for Syria aid projects

17 April, 2018

Macron said the decision was made "in the face of the critical humanitarian situation" in the war-torn country.

Photoblog: Lost limbs create new sporting opportunities for Syrians

16 April, 2018

See in pictures: Syrians who lost limbs from the conflict find new hope, as well as a chance to show off their skills, at an amputees' football club in Idlib.

Syria intervention deepens the UK's political divide

15 April, 2018

The UK's participation in missile strikes on the Syria regime has divided the country, after May broke with convention by ordering military strikes without parliamentary approval.

Syrian opposition say Western strikes on Assad 'a farce'

14 April, 2018

Syrian opposition politicians and anti-regime activists said they fear the Western strikes give Bashar al-Assad a green light to continue using conventional weapons on the Syrian people.

The problem is Assad, not his weapons

10 April, 2018

Comment: Assad's genocide, in all its forms, isn't even conceived as being the real problem, writes Sam Hamad.

Suspected Russian airstrike kills two civilians in Syria's Idlib

10 April, 2018

Northern Syria's opposition-held Idlib province has been hit by renewed airstrikes thought to be carried out by Russian planes on Tuesday, as the death toll from Monday's explosion reaches 19.

Blast kills 11 civilians in Syria's Idlib

10 April, 2018

An explosion targeting a building in Idlib killed 11 civilians and wounded eighty others.

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