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Turkish army 'expands troop deployment' in Syria's northwest

15 October, 2017

The Turkish army is expanding its deployment in northwest Syria with the goal of reining in Russian strikes in the Idlib border province, under a deal to reduce clashes.

Syria regime demands 'immediate' withdrawal of Turkey troops

15 October, 2017

Syria has demanded the "immediate and unconditional withdrawal" of Turkish troops that have deployed in the country's northwestern province of Idlib.

Syrian Day of Rage: Don't forget Assad's crimes

15 October, 2017

A Syrian Day of Rage was held in rebel-held parts of Syria and across the world on Saturday to denounce the Assad regime.

Turkish forces in Syria are 'unrestricted,' says Erdogan

14 October, 2017

Turkish president Erdogan emphasises that Turkey has its 'own game plan' in Syria, while addressing the continued rift with Washington.

Turkish army installs 'observation posts' in Syria's Idlib

13 October, 2017

The Turkish army has begun setting up 'observation posts' in Syria's north-western Idlib province as part of their efforts to create a de-escalation zone, the military said on Friday.

Turkish military convoy enters Syria's Idlib province

13 October, 2017

Reports of Syrian rebel alliance Tahrir al-Sham escorting a Turkish convoy into Idlib suggests there may be no direct clashes between Turkish troops and the rebel group.

Turkey gearing up to destroy Al-Qaeda's offshoot in Syria

12 October, 2017

Analysis: Wresting control of Idlib province from Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham would allow Turkey to effectively surround the Kurdish-held Afrin canton, writes Paul Iddon.

IS' defeat in Deir az-Zour will not end extremism

12 October, 2017

Comment: The lack of stability and employment prospects mean that the door to extremism will remain open, even after IS' defeat in the region, writes Mona Alami.

UN to visit airbase used in Khan Sheikhoun attack

12 October, 2017

UN investigators will travel to an airbase in Syria this week that the US and allies say was used to launch the Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas attack earlier this year.

Turkey's interests in Syria don't include Idlib's people

11 October, 2017

Comment: Turkish-supported rebel factions in Syria are unlikely to fight al-Qaeda's local franchise, as doing so could benefit the Assad regime, writes James Snell.

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