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Fighting puts Syria IS-held dam at 'risk of collapse'

26 March, 2017

Fighting at a dam in Syria held by the Islamic State group has put the water barrier at risk of a catastrophic collapse, a technical source said.

WhatsApp encryption under scrutiny after London attack

26 March, 2017

The British home secretary will meet tech industry experts on Thursday amid increasing concerns over message encryption and extremist material on social media.

500 killed in suspected Mosul airstrikes: Iraqi civil defence

26 March, 2017

The number of victims in alleged Mosul air raids has risen to 511 people, including 187 children under the age of 15, the Iraqi civil defence has said.

Iraq parliament speaker voices concern over Mosul air raid

26 March, 2017

The Iraqi speaker of parliament has expressed concern over an air raid that killed more than 200 civilians in western Mosul where US-backed troops are fighting IS.

Mosul rescue workers recount horror of devastating air raid

25 March, 2017

In Mosul at the scene of a devastating air raid, which killed as many as 200 civilians, Civil Defence responders spoke of the horrors civilians are facing.

US-backed forces enclose IS 'capital' Raqqa after daring airdrop

23 March, 2017

Apache helicopters, marine artillery, and air strikes were used in the behind the enemy lines airdrop involving SDF troops. However, it is unclear whether US troops remain on the ground

Iraq and Trump: The first two months

22 March, 2017

Comment: Just two months after Trump's inauguration, significant damage has already been done to American-Iraqi relations, despite amendments to the travel ban, writes Ibrahim Al-Marashi.

'Invisible solution' crucial in fight for Syria's cultural heritage

21 March, 2017

A collaboration between a UK-based crime prevention firm and a US university has produced a solution, only detectable under UV light, used in opposition-controlled Syria to deter antiquities smugglers

Iraqi leader says Trump 'more engaged' in terror fight

20 March, 2017

Haider al-Abadi met Donald Trump at the White House on the 14th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq

Iraq: The legacy of a disastrous invasion lives on

20 March, 2017

Comment: A straight line can be drawn from the day the invasion began 14 years ago, to what is unfolding in Iraq today, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

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