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Iraqi forces capture villages in IS-held Tal Afar

21 August, 2017

Iraqi government forces made fresh assault on one of the Islamic State group's last strongholds in the country.

Muslim trolled for 'not being killed' in Barcelona attack

21 August, 2017

A British-Muslim lawyer has found himself on the end of a campaign of abuse on social media after coming within a whisker of a deadly IS attack in Barcelona.

Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on recaptured IS position

20 August, 2017

Lebanese soldiers waging an offensive on IS jihadists near border with Syria pictured raising Spain's flag on a recaptured militant position, in solidarity following an IS-claimed terror attack in Barcelona

Iraqi forces 'ready' for next battle against Islamic State

19 August, 2017

Senior US military leaders said that Iraqi forces are largely set for their next major campaign against Islamic State.

Hamas security guard killed in 'IS suicide attack'

17 August, 2017

Palestinian security sources report the first incident of a suicide attack in Gaza targeting Hamas forces.

Thousands flee as Iraq airstrikes pound IS-held town

16 August, 2017

Iraqi and coalition forces have stepped up air raids on Tal Afar, ahead of a ground offensive to drive out Islamic State group militants.

Iraq's Yazidis and Assyrians remain unconvinced by Kurdistan referendum

16 August, 2017

Comment: Whether the futures of Yazidis and Assyrians lie in Iraq or an independent Kurdistan, neither option is likely to guarantee their rights, writes Gareth Browne.

Germany jails Syrian refugee for attempting to defraud IS

16 August, 2017

German court inadvertently grants legal protection to the Islamic State group after a Syrian refugee attempted to swindle more than $200,000 from the extremists.

Tunisia foils IS plot to take over territory

16 August, 2017

Tunisia has said it had foiled a "terrorist plot" aimed at allowing Islamic State group jihadists to seize part of its territory.

UN: Nearly 50,000 Syrian refugees trapped at Jordan border

15 August, 2017

The UN has called on Syria's warring parties to take the necessary steps to avoid harming those stranded near the country's southern border with Jordan.

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