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Russia eschews UN condemnation of Iran over Yemen missiles

22 February, 2018

Russia is expected to veto a resolution that will impose sanctions on regional ally Iran for supplying weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Yemen: Divided we fall

21 February, 2018

Comment: The glaring fragility of the legitimate state lies exposed. This does not help the national project, writes Nadia al-Sakkaf.

Deep political complexity awaits Yemen's new UN envoy

20 February, 2018

As the war in Yemen continues, the UN's new envoy for the country faces many challenges, but is being welcomed by the leadership of main parties to the brutal conflict.

UN draft calls for 'measures' over Iran arming Houthis

19 February, 2018

The UN security council may be considering a draft resolution that will condemn Tehran for supplying Yemen's Houthi weapons with missiles that have been used to target Saudi Arabia.

'Do not test Israel’s resolve,' Netanyahu warns Iran

18 February, 2018

Tensions between the two countries have been building in recent months, with Israel fearing that Iran is trying to establish a permanent presence in Syria.

Draft UN resolution targets Iran's role in Yemen

18 February, 2018

The UK, US and France have put forward a draft resolution to condemn Iran for failing to prevent Houthi rebels in Yemen from obtaining ballistic missiles.

Yemen PM seeks reconciliation after deadly Aden clashes

07 February, 2018

Yemen's prime minister appealed on Wednesday for reconciliation with southern separatists after deadly clashes last month.

Yemen commander praises Saudi Arabia after airstrike kills civilians

05 February, 2018

General Nasser al-Dhaybani praised the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, in which 60 percent of victims have been civilians, calling them 'excellent' and 'helpful.'

Saudis are occupiers, says Yemen's first female Nobel laureate

05 February, 2018

Tawakkol Karman, the first Yemeni and Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, has been sacked by her party for criticising Saudi role in the war ravaging her country.

Saudi coalition kills eight, including child in Yemen airstrike

04 February, 2018

The Saudi-led coalition has killed eight people, including one child and wounding dozens more in an airstrike on a police station in Yemen's capital Sanaa, Houthis say.

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