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Saudi coalition 'endangers thousands of Yemeni lives daily'

21 November, 2017

Using a scale for categorising food security, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network said that even before the current blockade, more than half of Yemen’s population was already in "crisis"

Arab League: Egypt 'blocked' Saudi bid to expel Lebanon

20 November, 2017

A Saudi bid to suspend Lebanon's membership in the Arab League during Sunday's emergency meeting in Cairo was blocked by Egypt, according to diplomatic sources.

More Yemen deaths likely from Saudi blockade, UN warns

20 November, 2017

Millions of Yemen civilians face hardship or death from disease and starvation as aid deliveries are stalled following an intensified Saudi-led blockade on the war-ravaged country.

Saudi-led coalition forms committee to 'aid' Yemen war victims

20 November, 2017

The Saudi-led coalition battling Houthi rebels in Yemen said it formed a committee to help those affected by its deadly war on Yemen.

'Iranian aggression' slammed during emergency Arab League meeting

19 November, 2017

Arab foreign ministers slammed Iran and its allies during an emergency Arab League meeting in Cairo on Sunday, as regional tensions continue to simmer.

Hariri 'to travel to Egypt' before Lebanon visit

19 November, 2017

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri who resigned in Saudi Arabia under mysterious conditions, will fly out to Cairo before a visit to Beirut, his party have said.

Saudi anti-terror coalition to hold first meeting in Riyadh

19 November, 2017

Defence ministers from members of the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) are due to meet for the first time in Riyadh next week, amid rising regional tension.

Saudi Arabia 'a threat' to Lebanon: former UK FM

19 November, 2017

Former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said Saudi Arabia could be a threat to Lebanon should calmer heads not prevail in the kingdom, during a conference in London.

Lebanon foreign minister to boycott Arab League's Iran summit

19 November, 2017

Lebanon's foreign minister will not attend an Arab League meeting on Sunday called by Saudi Arabia to discuss 'violations' committed by Iran in the region.

Red Cross: 1 million Yemenis at risk of cholera

18 November, 2017

The International Committee of the Red Cross says the cities of Hodeida, Saada and Taiz had to stop providing clean water in recent days due to a lack of fuel.

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