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Last Homs residents leave 'heart of the Syrian revolution'

20 May, 2017

Besieged al-Waer stood as the Syrian rebel's last stronghold in Homs through six years of war. Today, the last fighters and families leave their homes behind.

Syrian rebels face fight on at least three fronts

12 May, 2017

Comment: As the US increases support to Kurds fighting IS, 'de-escalation zones' could be used to obliterate opposition forces who are fighting against both Assad and al-Qaeda-linked fighters.

Assad vows to 'fight on' despite international peace efforts

11 May, 2017

Bashar al-Assad said Russian de-escalation zones were a chance for rebels to seek 'reconciliation' with the regime, but vowed to continue fighting as Syria's brutal civil war continues.

Damascus suburb evacuation deal suspended after regime breaks agreement

11 May, 2017

Syrian opposition officials say they are suspending a deal to transfer civilians out of a northern Damascus suburb after the regime went back on the deal by not releasing detainees.

Syrian regime jets bomb rebel positions near Jordan border

09 May, 2017

Syrian regime war planes struck rebel positions early on Tuesday close the Jordanian border, where talk of an impending cross-border invasion by pro-rebel invasion have been made in Syrian media.

Explaining Syria's 'de-escalation' zones and why some are worried

06 May, 2017

Explaining Syria's new 'safe zones' and how they work, and why many are worried about their vagueness

Hundreds deported from Syrian opposition-held enclave in Homs city

06 May, 2017

Syrian rebel fighters and their families left their homes in Homs city for Jarabalus close to the Turkish border on Friday as part of an 'evacuation deal'.

Syria 'safe zones' come into effect but fighting continues

06 May, 2017

Gunfire and shelling was reported in parts of Syria said to be includes in Russian-sponsored safe zones which came into effect at midnight Friday with fears that violence could escalate.

Russia: Syria "safe zones" plan to begin midnight Friday

05 May, 2017

According to reports in Russian media a Moscow-backed de-escalation plan is set to come into effect imminently in northern Syria. However, the terms of the deal remain unclear.

Syrian opposition slam Russian-sponsored 'safe zone' deal

05 May, 2017

Syrian opposition members slammed a Russian agreement to establish safe zones in Syria due to the involvement of Iran in the peace deal.

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