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The demise of Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria

22 August, 2017

Comment: Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria deteriorated as a result of foreign interests and the regime's war tactics, writes Loubna Mrie.

Syrian actress and icon of revolution Fadwa Suleiman dies

17 August, 2017

Syrian actress Fadwa Suleiman has died at the age of 46. Hailing from Assad's minority Alawite sect, she became a hero for taking a stand against the family's decades-old rule.

Dozens killed in train collision near Egypt's Alexandria

11 August, 2017

At least 36 people have been confirmed killed after two trains collided into each other at a crossing south east of Alexandria on Friday.

Uprooted restaurateurs create 'little Damascus' in northwest Syria

10 August, 2017

Syrians who quit towns recaptured by Assad's regime have introduced Damascene cuisine to Idlib, where the longed-for taste of the good old days has helped form a "little Damascus".

De-escalation? Assad regime dropped 244 barrel bombs in July

10 August, 2017

The Assad regime has dropped no less than 244 barrel bombs in supposedly conflict-free zones in Syria, according to a rights group.

Syrian regime seizes last IS-held town in Homs province

06 August, 2017

The Syrian regime and allied militias took the last stronghold of IS in Homs province, clearing a route to advance on the group's remaining territories in the country's east.

Russia deploys military forces to monitor Homs 'de-escalation' zone

05 August, 2017

Russia deployed military police north of the city of Homs on Friday after announcing a ceasefire a day earlier to implement a new 'de-escalation zone' in the war-torn country.

We crossed a bridge and it trembled

04 August, 2017

Book review: Pearlman's book is an important contribution in combatting an odious Assadist discourse that strips Syrians of their voice and agency, writes Usman Butt.

Russia announces new de-escalation zone north of Syria's Homs

03 August, 2017

Russia has announced a new "de-escalation zone" starting on Thursday north of Syria's city of Homs, covering almost 150,000 people.

Syrian minister wants to boost tourism as war rages

02 August, 2017

Syria's tourism minister wants to boost the country's tourism industry with the opening of international flights, as a bloody war rages on in the country.

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