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Hizballah's new alliances on show in calculated media stunt

15 December, 2017

Comment: PMF militia commander Khazaali's visit to Lebanon was an astute bit of publicity on the part of Hizballah, writes Mona Alami.

Lebanon-Syria border crossing to reopen after five years

14 December, 2017

The al-Qaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria is set to reopen after five years, in another sign of the Syrian regime's increasing control over its territory.

Israeli intelligence minister invites Saudi crown prince to visit

13 December, 2017

Israel's intelligence minister Yisrael Katz told Saudi media that Israel would be happy to host Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman amid rumours of rapprochement between the two countries.

The Iraq Report: ‘Victory’ over IS

13 December, 2017

This week in Iraq: Was Abadi's declaration of victory just a political stunt?

Israel will return Lebanon to the Stone Age: minister

13 December, 2017

Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Katz said that with Israel’s "expansion", the whole of Lebanon could potentially be targeted to curb Hizballah's influence.

Qassem Soleimani 'prepared to support Palestinian forces against Israel'

12 December, 2017

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Qassem Soleimani said Tehran is ready to extend support to Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, days after a controversial US move.

US admits troops are present in Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan

12 December, 2017

In a semi-annual report it provided to Congress on Monday, the White House aknowledged the presence of hundreds of troops in Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.

Israel's 'destruction will come sooner thanks to Donald Trump'

12 December, 2017

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital will "hasten the destruction" of the Jewish state, Iran's defence minister has said.

Lieberman: Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers 'war criminals' because they criticise occupation

12 December, 2017

Israel's defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman slammed Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers as "war criminals" on Monday, for daring to suggest illegal occupation be sued before the ICC

Hizballah: 'Israel will be destroyed after Trump's Jerusalem move'

11 December, 2017

The leader of Lebanon’s powerful militant and political group Hizballah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, proclaimed on Monday that his organisation would renew its focus on the Palestinian cause

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