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Lieberman threatens Iran strike in interview with Saudi website

26 April, 2018

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman vowed in an interview on Thursday to strike at any attempt by Iran to establish a "military foothold" in Syria.

Tears and trophies: This week in Middle East football

25 April, 2018

Football clubs in the Middle East are winding down after a grueling 2017-18 campaign, with some surprise teams among the familiar names lifting regional league trophies.

Would Russia respond to an Iranian-Israeli conflict in Syria?

25 April, 2018

Analysis: Russia's role in Syria may very well depend on any future confrontation between Israel and Iran, writes Paul Iddon.

Rebels dig in for Assad offensive in Syria's Daraa

25 April, 2018

A regime victory in Daraa would carry symbolic weight - it was the cradle of Syria's seven-year uprising against Assad's rule.

Iran suggests regional dialogue to end 'hegemonic illusions'

25 April, 2018

Iran's foreign minister has suggested at the UN that open regional security talks should take place between Iran and its regional competitors.

Saudi king awarded 'Personality of the Year'

24 April, 2018

Despite a deadly war in neighbouring Yemen, Saudi Arabia's King Salman has been awarded 'Personality of the Year' for his role in uniting and protecting the Muslim community.

A problematic PMU in Iraq

20 April, 2018

Comment: The consolidation of the PMU into one homogenous a group is a complicated task for the Iraqi government, writes Mona Alami.

Election fever hits as Lebanon prepares for long-awaited vote

18 April, 2018

Stakes are high in the long-awaited 6 May poll, the first test of Lebanon's 2017 voting law, which will determine the country's political and economic trajectory for years to come.

Assad's regime will return to 'business as usual' brutality

17 April, 2018

Comment: Not only did Trump's much vaunted strikes fail to threaten Assad; they have actually bolstered him, writes James Snell.

Bigger, not better: Assessing Trump's latest bombing of Syria

17 April, 2018

Analysis: If past strikes are anything to go by, this latest round of missiles is unlikely to deter Assad from gassing his people again in the future, writes Paul Iddon.

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