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Hizballah says IS is trying to 'tarnish jihad's image'

21 August, 2017

Lebanese militia Hizballah has condemned last week's attacks by alleged IS sympathisers in Barcelona, saying it is an attempt to tarnish the image of jihad and Islam.

Three Lebanese soldiers killed by landmine amid anti-IS offensive

20 August, 2017

Three Lebanese soldiers were killed and one critically wounded on Sunday, when a landmine destroyed their vehicle near the border with Syria, said an army statement.

Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on recaptured IS position

20 August, 2017

Lebanese soldiers waging an offensive on IS jihadists near border with Syria pictured raising Spain's flag on a recaptured militant position, in solidarity following an IS-claimed terror attack in Barcelona

Lebanon starts offensive to clear border of IS militants

19 August, 2017

Lebanon’s US-backed army on Saturday launched its biggest military operation yet against Islamic State militants, who gained a foothold along the border with neighbouring Syria in 2014.

Lebanon army announces start of anti-IS border offensive

19 August, 2017

The US-backed Lebanese military has announced the beginning of an assault against Islamic State group, seeking to end a years-long threat posed to the Syrian border area by the extremists.

The end of American empire, and beginning of what?

18 August, 2017

Comment: As the US' imperial might in the Middle East declines, and Russia and China's stars rise, what does the Middle East's future hold? asks Robert Springborg.

Report: Iran 'building Syria facility' to make long-range rockets

15 August, 2017

Iran is building a facility in Syria to manufacture long-range rockets, a report on Israel's Channel 2 news said on Tuesday.

US gives Lebanon combat vehicles ahead of anti-IS offensive

14 August, 2017

The Us has handed over to the Lebanese army eight Bradley Fighting Vehicles, part of a total of 32 that will be delivered over the coming months

Hizballah chief Nasrallah says Assad's regime will 'stay on'

14 August, 2017

The head of powerful Lebanese Shia group Hizballah said on Sunday that it is time for the world to accept that Assad will stay on as Syria's leader.

Final evacuation of Syrian rebels from Lebanon border begins

14 August, 2017

The media arm of Lebanon’s militant Hizballah group says hundreds of Syrian rebels and civilians have started leaving the Lebanon-Syria border area after a deal was reached for their departure.

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