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What next for Iraq's Shia militias after Mosul victory?

24 July, 2017

In depth: Thousands of men who answered a religious call to arms and played a crucial role in Iraq's victory over Islamic State extremists in Mosul face an uncertain future.

VIDEO: UAE-backed Yemeni militants 'behead, execute' rebel detainees

23 July, 2017

Shocking video footage has emerged appearing to show Yemeni militants, bearing the flag of the United Arab Emirates, beheading and executing detainees in the war-torn country.

'Don't whitewash Saudi crimes against Yemen's children', charity warns

20 July, 2017

UN warned against setting a dangerous precedent by omitting the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen from a blacklist of children's rights violators.

20 Yemeni civilians killed in 'Saudi-led coalition' airstrike

19 July, 2017

At least 20 displaced civilians were killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in the southwestern province of Taiz, the UN and witnesses said.

Saudi-led coalition blocks UN aid to Yemeni capital

18 July, 2017

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen prevented a United Nations flight carrying aid agency staff from travelling to the capital Sanaa on Tuesday because three international journalists were also aboard.

Tehran police shoot knife-yielding assailant following metro stabbing attack

15 July, 2017

Tehran police shot dead a man who attacked a clergyman and other people with a knife at a metro station on Saturday, Iranian state television reported.

UAE 'looking to ditch' Yemen's President Hadi for Saleh

15 July, 2017

Reports have been emerging of a split between Riyadh-based President Hadi and UAE's Prince Mohammed bin Zayed since February, and now the UAE wants him gone.

Erik Prince to Prince Zayed: The private military connection

07 July, 2017

Erik Prince is back. He's not only pitching colonial capitalism in DC, but huckstering ex-SF-led armies of sepoys to wrest Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya, writes David Isenberg.

Yemen's south prepares for demonstrations as secessionists gain momentum

06 July, 2017

Yemeni prime minister has urged southerners to continue to support President Hadi until the country's war ends.

Iranians hold ‘Trumpism’ cartoon contest to mock US leader

04 July, 2017

Iranians have organised a “Trumpism” cartoon contest in which hundreds of participants were invited to submit artwork mocking the US leader.

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