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Leader's death a 'big blow' for Yemen's Houthi rebels

25 April, 2018

The death of Houthi leader Saleh al-Sammad poses a big threat to Yemen's Houthi rebels, according to analysts.

Syria group releases database of chemical attacks

25 April, 2018

A Syrian activist group has released a list of all suspected chemical attacks since 2012.

Is Saleh al-Sammad's death a prologue to Houthi collapse?

24 April, 2018

In-depth: Saleh al-Sammad's death has come as a major blow to the Houthis who are now preparing for intensifying war, as their opponents push for victory.

Yemen rebels vow to avenge killing of political head

24 April, 2018

Following the coalition killing of Houthi leader Saleh al-Sammad, Yemeni rebels have said they will take revenge.

Clashes erupt in Taiz after Red Cross worker killed

23 April, 2018

Fierce clashes in Taiz's Jahmaliah district left at least five pro-government soldiers dead, in an operation against militants suspected to be behind the murder of an ICRC employee.

Iran bans banks from using cryptocurrencies, cites terrorism fears

23 April, 2018

Amid fears of money laundering and terrorism funding, Iran has banned its banks from trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dashing hopes that digital currencies could aid its sanction-stricken economy.

Lebanese aid worker gunned down in Yemen

21 April, 2018

A Lebanese Red Cross worker has been shot dead in in the southern Yemen city of Taiz.

Dozens killed as violence continues in Yemen's besieged Taiz

19 April, 2018

Heavy fighting between Yemen's Houthi rebels and pro-government forces in Taiz has killed at least 25 people since the beginning of the week.

Is Tareq Saleh making a comeback to battle Houthis?

19 April, 2018

In-depth: The nephew of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh is appearing to make a comeback to cast his revenge against the Houthi rebels with UAE-funded militias.

UAE-backed forces 'rape, abuse' African migrants detained in Yemen

18 April, 2018

The International Organization for Migration says some 87,000 people sought to reach war-torn Yemen from the Horn of Africa by boat in 2017.

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