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Pentagon says 'soon' on first Guantanamo transfer under Trump

21 February, 2018

The Pentagon has missed a deadline to send a prisoner from Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia in what would have been the first transfer under US President Donald Trump.

Drone strike kills two al-Qaeda suspects in central Yemen

17 February, 2018

A US drone strike has killed two al-Qaeda suspects in central Yemen, a security official said.

Riyadh 'sacks TV duty editor for airing Tawakkol Karman'

08 February, 2018

Saudi Arabia is censoring the first Arab and Yemeni woman Nobel Peace Prize laureate after she criticised the Saudi-led coalition's role in destroying Yemen.

Yemen PM seeks reconciliation after deadly Aden clashes

07 February, 2018

Yemen's prime minister appealed on Wednesday for reconciliation with southern separatists after deadly clashes last month.

Saudis are occupiers, says Yemen's first female Nobel laureate

05 February, 2018

Tawakkol Karman, the first Yemeni and Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, has been sacked by her party for criticising Saudi role in the war ravaging her country.

UAE and Saudi officials meet to end Aden clashes

01 February, 2018

Officials from Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have met to end battles between UAE-backed southern separatists and forces loyal to Yemen's internationally-recognised government in Aden.

UAE 'defeats Saudi Arabia' as Emirati-backed separatists seize Aden

31 January, 2018

Yemeni separatist forces backed by the UAE seized control of Aden only two days after the Southern Resistance Forces (SRF) reached the presidential palace, seat of Yemen’s Saudi-backed government.

Yemen PM to flee Aden, UAE-backed separatists reach palace

30 January, 2018

Heavy fighting intensified at night after the two sides used tank and artillery on the second day of an attempted "coup" in Aden, military sources said.

UAE-backed Yemeni separatists send more forces for Aden 'coup'

29 January, 2018

On Sunday, security sources said pro-separatist units trained and backed by the United Arab Emirates had taken over the government headquarters in Aden after clashes.

Yemen president orders forces to stand down in Aden

28 January, 2018

Fighting in the southern Yemen city of Aden has left at least 15 people dead, and thrown the war-torn country into further chaos and threatens to undermine the president's authority.

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