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Israel holds ceremony celebrating 50 years of illegal occupation

28 September, 2017

The event is to be attended by settler leaders, Netanyahu and ministers from his coalition government, seen as the most right-wing in Israel's history

'Israeli strikes' hit weapons depot near Damascus airport

22 September, 2017

Two rockets struck near Damascus airport at dawn on Friday, an attack probably carried out by Israeli jets from outside Syria’s borders, the Syrian Observatory said on Friday.

Israel shoots down 'Hizballah drone' then strikes Lebanon-Syria border

19 September, 2017

The Israeli military says it has shot down a drone that attempted to enter the airspace above the Golan Heights.

Iran advances in fight for ground route to Lebanon

23 August, 2017

Iran-backed fighters in Syria are advancing east, bringing Tehran closer to its goal of forming a land link from its border through Iraq to supply allies in Syria and Lebanon.

Who are Israel's Druze community?

18 July, 2017

In-depth: The 120,000-strong community is unique in its self-identification and shares a complex relationship with Israel's state, society, and Palestine.

Palestine activists in Canada battle Israeli settlement wines

18 July, 2017

In-depth: Vintages produced in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land must not be labelled 'Product of Israel', activists argue.

Israel opposes peace in Syria due to Iran fears

17 July, 2017

Israel says it does not support a ceasefire in Syria's south, fearing it will allow Iran to establish air and naval bases close to its border.

Israel issues Syria warning after rockets hit occupied Golan

01 July, 2017

More rocket fire hit the illegally annexed Golan Heights on Saturday, with Israel putting Damascus on notice after fighting between rebels and the regime spilled into the occupied Syrian territories.

Israel hits Syrian regime post after Golan mortar

30 June, 2017

Israeli warplanes hit a Syrian regime post on Friday hours after a mortar shell hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Israel's army said.

‘No future’ for the last Arab-Christians of Israeli-occupied Golan

30 June, 2017

Before Israel's occupation, Christians accounted for 12 percent of the population of the Golan, which then had 340 villages and 150,000 inhabitants.

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